Makeup Pro: What You Need to Know to Achieve Long Lasting Makeup

long lasting makeup

Finally, after achieving that perfect look, you need to know how to get that makeup to stay in place for long hours, (otherwise it’s not worth it, is it?) especially on a big occasion like your wedding. Cakey foundation, faded lipsticks, and crease lines when everyone has their eyes fixed upon you, not to forget the constant photo-sessions, is what most brides are afraid of. To avoid these potential mishaps, here’s a list of things you need to know to achieve long lasting makeup and a pocketful of happy smiles for the camera instead of being afraid of it (some of them you may already know, but here’s to hoping you find a life-changing tip):

Best Long Lasting Makeup Tips

1) Applying a primer is a MUST before applying any other makeup product. Start by cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising your face to get rid of dead skin cells, even out your face and providing a smooth surface to build your makeup on.  Makeup is applied best to freshly cleansed and smooth skin.

long lasting makeup

A primer helps in locking your foundation and concealer in and is a great solution to minimise crease lines plus to achieve lasting makeup. 

2) An additional tip to avoid crease lines is using a creaseless foundation and concealer; the heavier a product in texture, the more likely it is to crease. A good primer and creaseless products make a big difference in your makeup application.

3) Makeup has a specific initiation and finish; just as you start with cleansing and a primer, you need to set all your makeup with a compact powder once you’re done. These are the key steps to achieving lasting makeup. (Note: Tap the powder with a brush and do NOT swipe it as it would move the makeup)

long lasting makeup

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4) For extra staying power of your foundation, a good setting spray is necessary but remember to keep a good distance between your spray and face while applying as you don’t want to melt your makeup off.

long lasting makeup

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5) Choosing waterproof mascara, eye shadow, eye liner and other cosmetic products will make a huge difference. There’s going to be endless hours of dancing, photo-sessions and other activities going on on the wedding day and to prevent sweat from ruining your gorgeous makeup, waterproof products are a priority.

6) Keep blotting for a lasting makeup effect: Use a blotting paper or a tissue paper to blot your skin throughout the day to take off oiliness that builds up through the day.

7) To prevent your eyeliner from fading, use an eyeliner pencil for application and then put a little bit of pressed powder on this. Wait a couple of seconds and then coat the second layer with the usual liquid eyeliner.

long lasting makeup

8) Buy products according to your skin type: If you have oily skin, you should buy more powder cosmetic products as they are free from oil and if you have a dry or combination skin type, go for cream based makeup.

9) Carry a small puff and powder at intervals if you feel you’re getting oily. It instantly refreshes your makeup. (Note: blotting is to be done before powdering up)

10) For a long lasting lip colour, fill in your lips completely with a lip liner, apply loose powder over it and then apply the preferred lipstick. Then, dab some loose powder over it one last time and apply the second coat of lipstick. This trick is used by a lot of celebrity makeup artists for prepping up red-carpet looks.

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11) Break the myth that more and more coating of foundation is the key to a long lasting base. Instead, apply thin coats of makeup. Too much makeup starts flaking up very soon and makes your skin look bad.

12) Blending is your true friend: in foundation, concealer, eyeshadow and basically everything. No matter how expensive or best quality product you’re using, if you don’t blend well, it’s gonna show on your face and give an impression of a painted face. To avoid this cringe-worthy moment, blend in your foundation and concealer with a dampened beauty blender, foundation brush or you can even use your hands. There is no perfect applicator; apply your makeup in whichever way you find comfort.

long lasting makeup

There you have it! Apply your makeup like a pro and make it stay all day long with the help of these secret tips. Oh and, do let your fellow to-be brides know about your long lasting makeup secrets in the comments below.



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