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Why Young Couple Should Opt For Seychelles For Honeymoon? – Wedamor

  Seychelles is an island located near the equator. The island is situated between the eastern coast of Africa and the Indian Ocean. As the island is surrounded by the ocean, the temperature is always sunny and humid. There are forty-one inner islands and seventy-four outer islands. Seychelles is the smallest island capital of the […]

Wonders of Bio-oil and why every girl needs to own it – Wedamor

A healthy and radiant looking skin is every woman’s dream and oh what we don’t go through to keep that dream alive. Face masks, cleansing appointments, turmeric, tomato and what not. All of that load can take a break as Bio-oil recently stepped foot in India and it is as successful as they say. Keep […]

Work these 5 things into your ‘To do list’ before you get married – Wedamor

 Congratulations that you have got the man of your dreams! But all the brides to be, its high time that you should try the ‘Hakka noodles’ before eating that boring ‘dal-chawal’ (I know that reminded you of Bunny in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani). Yes ladies, I want you to unleash all your vigour, vitality and […]

Wrapd: A Sensational Inception in the Wedding Rental Market – Wedamor

An Indian wedding involves a series of ceremonies and it really gets painful to get a perfect dress for each ceremony as most of the time you only have to wear it once for maybe twice. Started from home, Wrapd is offering a simple solution to the persistent problem of what to wear. They rent out formal […]

Yellow Lehenga Ideas That Will Make You Go Wow – Wedamor

Yellow is the go-to choice for Haldi. But now the times are changing, and brides are mixing things up a bit. Choosing pinks and oranges for Haldi and wearing pastel yellow for the wedding is the new normal. Whatever be the event, we have to agree that yellow is a happy and vibrant colour for […]

Your Filmy Photo Gallery -We all have a film in our lives

About Your Filmy We all have a film in our lives, Creative young team of Your Filmy craft your story and make your wedding film a cinematic work of art. Company Overview Like every person, every Wedding is Unique in their own way. You will find their  work original and different. They tell every story differently because […]

Best Moments From Zaheer and Sagarika’s Marriage You Can’t Miss

Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge truly had a wedding to remember. One of our favorite cricketers and our very own Chak De! girl tied the knot on 23 November 2017 in a very private ceremony. With a low-key wedding but a gorgeous reception, we’re here to give you the best wedding Moments from Zaheer and Sagarika’s […]

Zodiac Signs Compatible With Each Other – Wedamor

Whether you believe in what’s written in the stars or not, there’s no doubting the fact that knowing about what your sun sign means can make for vague amusement and a few great laughs. When it comes to wedding business, often your parents rush to astrologers to get your zodiac signs checked. It is to […]

Wedding Velvet: Candid Photography & Cinematic Wedding Films Specialist – Wedamor

Indian weddings are a celebration of a lifetime. They contain various beautiful traditions, ceremonies, and rituals from one state to another right across north-south-east-west. However, capturing these moments is essential for those who want to cherish them for their lifetime and with Indian weddings becoming a popular global phenomenon and alluring the western culture a right […]

Wedding Velvet Photo Gallery – Wedamor (Indian Wedding Photographers)

About Wedding Velvet Photo Gallery Wedding Velvet is a photo studio in that has the Best Indian Photographers. They are very sincere with the work we do in the art of photography. Their studio has one of the Best Indian Photographers that can transform your photos into the most beautiful state of art. They have […]

Weddings In Diversity – Cultures In Various States Of India – Wedamor

Weddings and marriages are celebrated as a one fine grand festival in India. They are enjoyed with high enthusiasm and energy. It is the most special occasion for all the relatives and family members to come together and enjoy. Indian weddings are full of customs and rituals. There are different rituals in different parts of […]

Weddings With Open Hairstyles- 7 Ways Brides Can Rock Their Open Curls – Wedamor

The bun is the symbol of the ultimate power dresser. Buns signify so much. We have all grown up watching our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, teachers carry their hair in a knot. No matter what role she plays, a woman, with her bun in a bun is a constant. Then there’s the wedding day where she […]

What’s Your Beard Code – Wedamor

The only question a man has to ask about facial hair these days is which style to have. And that’s where this guide covering everything from a full beard to a stubble comes handy. Whether you’re a facial hair aficionado who fancies a change of style or are currently clean-shaven and need a beard-growing battle plan, […]


Bride Opening a Gift on the Wedding Day Be it your childhood best friend, your sister, or your best friend getting married, there is so much that goes on inside you and no one can understand that feeling. you’ve always planned their big, D-DAY maybe more them themselves.. the level of excitement when you get […]

Where To Get Designer Lehenga Ideas Online? – Wedamor

Everybody dreams of wearing a designer lehenga like no other; to carry out a style, flaunt it with elegance and make it our own. Just buying a lehenga from the shop is not sufficient nowadays. There goes days and days of planning before and after buying a lehenga and it takes painstaking details to achieve […]

Why Aadyaa Should Be Your Choice For Elegant Silver Jewelry? – Wedamor

It is well-known that the Indian bridal jewelry is meant to grab everyone’s attention. If it doesn’t have the visual appeal or an intricate design, it’s not worth investing your money. Jewelry is considered to be a mixture of cultural and spiritual essence. This is the reason why in a woman’s life, the actual beauty […]

Why Andaman and Nicobar Islands For Honeymoon? – Wedamor

Marriage is the sacred thread that binds two people into the bond of true love. The functions and the rituals that are the main part of the wedding which can be very tiring. Weddings are an absolute thing of celebration and enjoyment. Some weddings can go even for six to seven days. The celebration and […]

Why Are Brides-to-be Going For Chocolate and White Wax ?

Chocolate and White Wax, why suddenly it’s becoming favourite for all the brides-to-be? Well, regular sugar, honey and lemon waxing are done from ages! It definitely gets our hair out from the roots but can be painful. It can also leave your skin red and bumpy afterwards; and if you have sensitive skin, then the […]

Why Is It Important To Be Friends Before A Couple? – Wedamor

It is said that friendship is the foundation of any relationship. And when that relationship is a romantic one, friendship is the key supporter. It is said that friendship is the secret if you want a long-lasting relationship. So here are some reasons why you need to be best friends before you become a couple. […]

Why Young Men Fall For Older Women? – Wedamor

So why are men interested in older women when they can have any same aged young hot girl? Younger women falling for older men is quite a cliché while the opposite always sounds uncanny. Why though? We are all witness to some of the great marriages where the female partner is older to the male. Whether […]

Why Nepal For Honeymoon? – Wedamor

Honeymoon is the period when you discover your partner. It is the quality time you need before starting the real journey of your marriage. Honeymoon is a phase where love and romance are new and you and your better half are discovering new things about each other. Therefore, it is very essential to visit someplace […]

Wedding or Marriage? Which One Are You Looking Forward To?

Wedding or Marriage?  Before you plunge into all the preparations and shopping for your big day and get all excited about how beautiful you are going to look, you definitely need to ask yourself this question. Why? Because wedding and marriage are two entirely different things and you should be clear whether you want a wedding […]

Wedding outfit Inspiration to look chic and classy! – Wedamor

” I have nothing to wear”, ” What is the new wedding outfit inspiration?” Does this statement seem familiar to you? Whenever an occasion approaches, do you constantly feel pressured to buy a new wedding outfit but can not figure out? With all the choices present in these times, you never want to wear anything […]

Wedding Outfits- Match Your Wedding Outfits – Wedamor

Weddings are all about looking good and marriage is a symbol of love and bonding. So, if you can share your lives ahead, why not match your wedding outfits? and NO, IT DOES NOT LOOK TACKY, if you do it the right way.  Matching wedding outfits can go wrong easily and so you need to make […]