Amazing Bridal Mehendi Designs With Some Beautiful Mehendi Motifs

bridal mehendi designs

Every Indian girl fantasizes of a grand Indian wedding. Where her prince charming would come galloping on a horse and steal her away in the most elegant and chivalrous fashion. We hallucinate of bejeweled gowns embellished with heart- alluring embroideries. And refined and exclusive ornaments, sumptuous and lavish dining and what not.

But what truly makes the Indian wedding grand is not just its extravaganza but the spell which it sweeps. The innumerous rituals it wraps and the exhilaration and the involvement of all the loved ones. And bridal mehendi designs is our one Indian way of venting our delight and sharing our happiness at the event.

Amazing Bridal Mehendi Designs With Some Beautiful Mehendi Motifs

Over the ages, bridal mehendi designs have been associated with divine energy and ideally. Only the would-be couple put up Mehendi, but conventionally all the closed ones of the bride and the groom adore.

Their hands with henna patterns. And with so many hands all dying to put up the best, there’s always a struggle to find the best henna art patterns. While in the last blog, we shared insights on what are the old age theories to the ceremony of mehendi, today I would share a few beautiful Mehendi motifs:

1) Traditional Mehendis:

Ideally, long patterns stretching up to the elbows and replete with traditional motifs make up a bridal hand. Check out these chic and elegant combinations of these auspicious motifs:

bridal mehendi designs

What makes this design perfect for the bride is the depiction of Krishna and Radha. Our Indian mythical Cupids and hence symbolic to the new bond in which the two individuals are being tied to.

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bridal mehendi designs

This one has been pretty much in fashion and the prince and princess seem to be in all the time.

bridal mehendi designs

Dhols and mridangams, trumpets and Ganesha, and paisleys. In the bridal palm, not only add a traditional essence to the pattern but are also auspicious and set forth positive vibes. And together the pattern looks mesmerizing.

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With the brides becoming more and more conscious of their fashion statement, new age arts have also evolved and on the sidelines of traditional henna mehendi, colourful bridal mehendi designs are also making buzz these days. Here’s one of the best I could find and also my favourite. Who knows I might put up the same some years down the lane

Just the way you make sure that your dresses are the best, they fit you perfectly. Your make-up is making a mark and your hair stylist surely does you justice. Make sure you do not forget that your mehendi artist is also professional and can satiate your mehendi cravings.

Go pro. Go designing






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