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Photography is a skill that has helped us in keeping beautiful memories alive for a very long time. From helping us to go back in time, shedding a tear, remembering the good-old-days, photographs are our best friends. Needless to say that they serve as a beautiful companion in our journey of life, bonding us to old people and making us feel nostalgic.

When we talk about weddings, photographs are a way to hold on to those precious moments, forever. The time when you are laughing and dancing with your best friends, when you all are toasting to the new beginnings, taking part in the important ceremonies and saying goodbye to take on a new journey, all the candid moments are what makes it memorable. Getting beautiful pictures, each telling a story of how you felt at the very moment is important. And hence, booking the best photographer, the one who understands your family, your cultures and emotions has to be booked.



Once the photographer is booked, you might want to try the famous poses that are stealing the internet these days. From the funky props to dreamy backdrops, you might have few things in mind. So, here we provide you with some dazzling, latest, and best bridal poses to try this season!

Latest Bridal Poses

On the New Journey

As wedding is a new life journey for both partners, why not put that story in your shots! Taking it literally you both can get candid pictures on a decorated car, rickshaw, or give it a funky look with a bicycle. The symbolism can also be done by lifting your partner or walking the aisle together.

Dancing to the New Tune


Just celebrating the new beginnings with happiness and joy! Give your best dance moves with your partner or your bridesmaid, having a joyful moment to be captured the right way!

Flower Rain

Like a queen entering, the flower shower can help you get extremely beautiful, real pictures. So, have your best time with flowers pouring down and you giving joyous expressions. This can also be done in a romantic moment with your partner.

The Flowing Dupatta

Who doesn’t like the flowing dupatta style? No matter how cliché it is, it’s the most beautiful, Bollywood-lovers thing to do. So, let it flow, while you move like a princess, getting it captured all along.

Love, Forever


Your forever is about to start! So, how can you forget to capture a romantic scene? Set in the right mood, with dim lights and backgrounds, a beautiful, candid, love moment is necessary to complete the ceremony.

Cheers to Friendships

After you have a good time getting captured with your love, you need to share some lovely moments with your best friends too. So, have some wine, some quirky glasses, and placards and enjoy, celebrating your friendships.

Intimate Shoots

As the trend for pre-wedding shoots is kicking in, people have started taking it very seriously. They want all the moments, not only ceremonial ones but also their intimate ones to be capture. Few couples have done such shoots, draping bed sheets in natural settings!

Dressing Up

After pre-wedding shoots, you might want to capture the process that involves turning you into a beautiful bride for your big day. This can include your clothes, your makeup shoots and your family moments before the wedding, and even the prepping scenes before the big day.


Whatever you might want to do for a good shot, the ultimate goal is to make precious memories, capturing them forever. So, choose what suits you the best, select the photographer that helps you style it well, and slay like a perfect bride!