Do you know that the Indian wedding industry is almost a $40 billion industry? Now don’t get me wrong, I love weddings; the traditions, the functions, the dhol-baaja, the food, and everything. But I think, and I hope you agree, that we have taken it a little too far. We are paying more attention to how to throw a perfect wedding, rather than focusing on how to have a successful marriage. After having read an article about all the facts and figures about changing Indian weddings business, I was completely flabbergasted.

The Indian wedding card market alone is worth Rs 10,000 crore annually, and the Bridal Mehandi market is worth Rs 5000 crore. Apart from these, there is jewelry market, apparel market, durable goods, hotel and other Indian weddings related market. lick here if you want to check this out in detail:

The Flourishing Indian Wedding Industry

Changing Indian weddings

This article isn’t going to be about the fact that you have to spend close to nothing to have a wedding. It just stresses on the fact that you don’t have to spend your entire life’s savings on just one night, one occasion; and how you should spend money as long as it doesn’t affect your future plans. And let’s be honest here, does that one night really makes the couple all happy? Does the idea of sitting in one place in really uncomfortable clothes (don’t forget the heavy jewelry and makeup) and constantly smiling for pictures, with most people who you really don’t care about seems like a fun idea? I’d personally enjoy more with my girls on a night out, talking over a pitcher of margaritas. But that’s just me.  

1) It’s not About the Bride and Groom Anymore

You know how weddings are supposed to be? A celebration of love between the two people? Well, that’s just not how it works anymore. Basically, you need to spend money on any and everything and just make sure that people know you’re insanely rich, even if you aren’t. That’s the definition of Indian weddings now.

“The Indian wedding is an Indian wedding. There is nothing that comes close to it. Where else can you show off your extravagance, your opulence, your wealth?” Says fashion designer, Rohit Bal.

Changing Indian weddings

2) Money, Money, and More Money

One thing I really don’t understand is that people spend so much on things that don’t matter, they don’t even think if it’s important or elegant or even necessary or not. It’s like they have money but don’t know how to spend it. One such example is that clients hire hostesses to welcome their guests.  This, according to me, makes no sense. It’s annoying when I enter a wedding, and these ladies are showering me with flowers. Lady, do you realize how much time it took me to do that hairstyle? Stop putting petals in my hair man. You can do better than this. The bottom line, let’s stop blowing money on such trivial matters and find a better use of it and changing Indian weddings.

Now, if you’re anything like Phoebe Buffay, you might just wanna step aside from the whole idea of a fancy wedding, give the money to charity, and have a simple yet beautiful wedding. See that way, you’ll change the lives of so many people and shouldn’t that actually be considered the true celebration of love and a very optimistic way of changing Indian weddings system of celebrating marriages? Do you want people to remember you for how out of the world decorations and arrangements were there at your wedding or do you want them to remember you for having such a huge impact on their lives?

Changing Indian weddings

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3) A selfish way of Accepting Point no. 2

We understand if the whole charity thing is just not your cup of tea. But that doesn’t mean your hard cash can’t be put into a much better use.

Instead of spending all the money on just one night, why not have a decent wedding and save the rest for a better honeymoon? Miami over Mussoorie? Or why not even save up for a World tour? That’s definitely going to be my plan. Let’s focus on making happy memories, not making the society happy which will be the real positive trend in changing Indian weddings.  
Changing Indian weddings

Changing Indian weddings

4) You Won’t Crap Your Pants in Case of a Divorce

Let’s not ignore the divorce factor guys. Take a moment and think about the fact that what if after spending a spectacular amount of money, after literally having your perfect wedding of the year, it doesn’t work out and all that money just goes into the garbage? Just in case you didn’t know, there have been lots and lots of cases where one family had put an insane amount of money, and after the divorce, the other family refused to pay back or settle the expenses. There have been a lot of cases of fraud too, Google will give you hundreds of them. Just thought you should know about this most negative of all factors also in our trends in changing Indian weddings system. 

Changing Indian weddings

“Historically big Indian weddings were a result of marriages being more of a ‘transaction’ than a bond of love. Families choose a partner for their children based on economic and social standing. To celebrate these ‘alliances’, big celebrations were expected more as a display of wealth and power.” says Shaana Levy, a film producer.

If we work on the relationship, instead of the wedding, things would go a lot smoother in our society. What do you think? Has this change in our Indian wedding system become a trend or a compulsion in nature of Indian weddings? Have these changing trends in Indian marriages become more of materialism rather than a spiritual celebration of life.



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