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Your checklist for honeymoon …..the thought giving you tickles? Well! So it should and an under or over preparation must not mess up your first vacation with your better half. Wedamor cares for your priceless love and that is why we bring to you a checklist for a honeymoon. Skim through it every now and then while making the groundwork for your honeymoon preparations

First things first, after all its honeymoon!!!

checklist for honeymoon
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The docs

A small carelessness with any of your docs and the entire exhilaration turns upside down.

Make sure for these foremost details in checklist for honeymoon preparations

  • Your visa/ passport/railway ticket must be right in place. Also, keep a soft copy of the confirmation with you
  • If the bride is moving out in her maiden’s name, cool. But if otherwise, make sure, the passport and visa are updated months before your wedding, to avoid any hassle during the trip. One word of caution “Plan Ahead”
  • Pre-book your suite, car and other activities. And carry the relevant docs without fail
  • Carry your Identity proofs like driving license, voter identity card of him and her
  • Keep in hand 2 photocopies of all the above


  • Carry the debit cards, carry them in minimum numbers
  • Phone charger. We recommend you to carry the least number of electronic gadgets. The lesser the devices, the less the distraction and more the time you get to spend with your soul companion
  • Camera and the kit
  • A good collection of music in compliance with the liking of both of you
  • Your regular medicines. Also,
  • asthma pump
  •  sanitary napkins
  • some contraception, to be on the safe side
  •  other toiletries
  •  toothbrush
  •  sunscreen
  •  band aids
  •  paracetamols
  •  motion sickness tablets
  •  insect repellent coils, or ointments
  •  lip care product. I personally recommend “Boroline” since it serves multiple issues
  • Map of the destination and some guide books
  • Sunglasses
  • Contact lens and an extra pair of eye eyeglasses.  Yes, please carry them in extra

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checklist for honeymoon

Now, some tips for “her” checklist for honeymoon preparations

  • Carry new clothes, please. Since your entire family would be watching for your clicks, you cannot appear dull
  • Carry clothes you feel comfortable in
  • Undergarments to go with your dresses
  • And keep a flavor in your dresses…jeans, skirts, shorts, tank tops, and button-down shirts etc. But keep in mind the climate of the place and the season during your visit. For cold places carry chic cardigans and stoles
  • An exclusive dress for fancy restaurants
  • If you are heading to a beach, make sure you have the perfect dress to hit the beach. A swimsuit, a bikini, or a wrap-around….whichever you feel most comfortable in, with your better half
  • If yours is a love marriage, an enticing lingerie is what I would recommend. Just to jazz up the chemistry between you too. But when it comes to nightwear, take extra caution in choosing an outfit. You must be comfortable before your better half. Things should not take an awkward turn

Word of caution: Consider your body type too!

  • Carry flats along with stilettos.
  • Hair accessories.
  • Cosmetics- eye makeup and lip care products are a must. Along with makeup removal cream, moisturizer, and shampoo

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Some checklist for honeymoon preparation tips for “him”

  • Comfortable jeans, loose pajamas, and shorts
  • Polo t-shirts, button-down shirts
  • Comfortable undergarments
  • For nightwear chooses something that she would be comfortable to see you in. Night outfits exclusively depend on the comfort level between the two
  • A perfect pair for the beach
  • Razors and the shaving kit
  • Deodorant is a must. Go for a variant which you both like
  • Condoms, just to be on the safe side
  • Classy shoes and slippers
  • An exclusive dress for the fancy restaurant.

checklist for honeymoon

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 Things not to be left behind

  •  A detailed itinerary of your travel along with details and contact numbers of your hotel, tour guide, and driver
  •  A photocopy of your identity proofs
  •  A sealed copy of your medical insurance and will

We hope this will help in planning a memorable honeymoon. If some more useful tips can be added to our checklist for honeymoon preparations, tell us in the comment box.



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