The Comeback of the Choker Style in Indian Marriages

Out of all the comebacks of various accessories, the one of choker seems to be the favourite of today’s bride. It has made a unique come back in Indian Marriages. The choker style has become a favourite for every Indian bride throughout the country. The style absolutely brings out that very remembered Indian touch. It signifies royalty, grace, elegance and also style. The choker comeback is like a bride’s dream come true. Endorse this queen like look on your wedding and feel no less than a queen itself.

Choker Style in Indian Marriages

Here are some bridal looks with a choker that will inspire all those who want to have a look which will create the best fusion of style and royalty. We recommend you to complete the look with heavy makeup and accessories. Ideally choose the choker that fits your wedding attire, however, you could also go in for an experimental look with mismatching colours and a pastel shaded lehenga to complete the look.

Note, while experimenting always remember to balance the look, if you are using too many accessories and wearing the choker itself, keep the attire simple, avoid too much work on it, and if you are going for a rather simple look with the accessories and choker, keep the attire very grand and decorative. It’s all about what suits you and makes you comfortable, after all, style is all about comfort and how well you carry the look.

The Comeback of the Choker Style in Indian Marriages

Here is one such picture of a bride who is beautifully adorning a choker. As you can see the choker is making her neck look so long and beautiful. It works beautifully with the outfit and makes her feel special and gracious which justifies the comeback of choker style in Indian Marriages. Note how the bride has playfully played with rather sober colours and kept her makeup dark and rich. The false eyelashes give her that extra glam. We also love the hair. Note, hair could be either tied into a juda, or a bun or even curled and let loose or even messy. It would ideally suit the overall look that you are wearing. While deciding the hairstyle it is vital for you to choose one that suits your face cut for the best look.

The Comeback of the Choker Style in Indian Marriages

Choker Style in Indian Marriages Makes Them More Stylish and Elegant

With no limits in mind, today’s bride has set her eyes on CHOKER which was gone long but is now setting a new trend. The choker which sits around the neck of the brides, although is a small piece of jewellery but it is regal enough to give the bride a majestic look.

The Comeback of the Choker Style in Indian Marriages

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Chokers Are Even Adorned by Our Bollywood Celebrities in Movies

Even Bollywood could not resist the trend of the choker and several famous celebrities like Aishwarya Rai herself can be seen adorning this beautiful piece of jewellery in the movies. Chokers add the tint of that extra glamour to the beautiful wedding outfit and therefore has become a must-have in almost every Indian wedding.

Having won several Indian bride’s hearts, choker continues to connect the heritage of India with the glitz and glamours of fashion and contemporary trends.

Try experimenting with the choker trend in order to look extremely fashionable and at the same time beautiful and unique. The Choker trend can also be seen in the various fashion weeks such as the Lakme Fashion Week where we find beautiful models adorning stylish chokers on the ramp.

The Comeback of the Choker Style in Indian Marriages

The choker trend in Indian weddings are now coming more and more into the limelight, therefore it’s your time to endorse this fashionable accessory as well !!

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