A honeymoon is the time when you can connect with each other and drown yourselves in blissful romance. The time you share becomes memorable in every way. Honeymoon is the time when the bride and the groom finally get some time to relax, time to spend with each other, time for themselves. After so many for hectic wedding functions, they deserve some peace. There are so honeymoon destinations all around the world.

The most exotic honeymoon destinations..

Deciding a honeymoon destination is not an easy task. You have to keep certain things in mind like the budget and the time of the year. So here we have tried a bit to reduce your tension and help you by listing down some of the most amazing honeymoon destinations around the world.


1) Thailand

Fun loving and friendly, historic and cultured, these are the few words that describe Thailand. One of the most exotic honeymoon destinations in the world, Thailand is the home for so so many exotic beaches and breathtaking temples. These amazing beaches are also a paradise for couples wanting to experience some aqua fun, from scuba-diving and snorkelling to kite surfing and banana boat riding, you can opt for any water-sports and needless to say, you are definitely going to love this new experience. You can enjoy beach parties and adventure sports as well. Thailand is surely a strong option for your honeymoon.


2) Greece

Greece is the home for beautiful islands with natural beauty and awe inspiring architecture. It has mouth watering food. All in all, Greece is one of the most amazing honeymoon destinations which can make your trip a memorable one. You can visit one of the most romantic cities, city of Athens, where the Acropolis sits tall in its enchanting glory. Visit the travel guide and find all the places you can visit here. I can reassure you, you will the the time of your life here.

3) Switzerland

One of the most beautiful countries in the world, Switzerland will surely honeymoon destination. We have fantasied of going to this place with our loved one since we have started watching all those romantic Yash Raj movies. Dramatic snow-capped peaks of the Alps, charming alpine villages, emerald green meadows and sparkling crystal clear streams, Switzerland has got it all. Who cannot talk about the famous Swiss Chocolates? Switzerland is a place for undying romance and in such a romantic place, you are surely going to fall heads over heels for each other over and over again, returning home with a bucket of memories of one of the most cherished vacations ever.

4) Turkey

A true amalgamation of culture, history and scenic beauty, the country definitely, makes for a perfect choice to cherish the new beginning of your lives and that is the reason, it is one of the hot honeymoon destinations in the world. You can get on the mid-night cruise on the Bosphorus ferry and watch the skyline of the city submerged in millions of lights, walk hand-in-hand across the Galata Bridge and witness the silhouette of Istanbul getting painted in soft red-pink hues of the setting sun. It will definitely give you the time of your life. Turkey is one of the most awesome honeymoon destinations and should be considered while making honeymoon plans.


5) Paris

Know as the lover’s paradise, Paris is one the the most, most romantic honeymoon destinations in the whole wide world. The capital of France, is Europe’s one of the largest cities. Confess your love at the Eiffel Tower, go for a slow dance near the River Seine, enjoy a cabaret show at Moulin Rouge, taste the local wines, go for shopping, try the amazing french meals. There is so much to do here. At the end you are going to fall head over heels with your special person and also with the city. Paris is surely one of the most amazing honeymoon destinations ever.


Here we have seen some of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations around the world. Honeymoon has got to be the best part of the marriage where the couple gets to relax and fall in love with each other. Make it worth remembering.