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gold jewellery

Nothing can beat this gold’s appeal. Every woman loves to flaunt her gold ornaments. Gold is not only a metal but it also has different meanings in a relationship. Adorned as a mangalsutra, it becomes a symbol of the pure relationship that two people in love share. Given to a daughter at her wedding, a gold jewelry is something a girl would always love to own.
Of all the metals, they say, gold is the easiest to maintain.But at the same time, it is very precious and through a little effort, you can increase its longevity and trust me, it’s not
 rocket science!

So, here are some tricks through which you can easily take care of your gold jewelry.

gold jewellery


1. Remove before taking a shower


gold jewellery


Gold can become dull when exposed to oil, chemicals and water regularly. Gold is a soft metal and can break easily. So, make sure to remove it before taking a bath, showering or cleaning.

2. Store it Safely



Storing your gold jewelry separately is very important.Always make sure that the pieces of gold jewelry do not touch any other metal when they are being stored. Gold can easily scratch or bend out of shape if it comes into contact with other pieces of jewelry. Either make a separate storage for gold or wrap each of the pieces in a soft cloth.

3.  Clean it Regularly

gold jewellery


It’s very important to clean your jewelry from time to time.And with this easy method, you can make sure all your gold shine once more. In a bowl, mix 2 parts dish soap and 10 parts warm water. Soak jewelry for 3 hours, then gently scrub with a soft brush or cloth. Rinse in hot water. Dry thoroughly and then polish with a jewelry cloth. Repeat as often as needed.

4. Don’t Expose it to heat and light



We know that your gold jewelry is really precious for you. Protracted  exposure of the jewelry to heat and light can destroy and cause a great harm. Your jewelry may bleach under the sun or it can get little cracks. Also some metals are vulnerable to heat and gold is one of them. So be cautious if you love your jewelry


5. Protect it from  from chemicals



Be careful while you wear your jewelry. Be cautious while using chemicals such as hairspray, perfumes and cosmetics as they can discolor your jewelry. It is recommended not to use perfumes on the part where you are carrying your jewelry.


6. Get it polished



You  should  get your jewelry polished once a year to maintain its shine, luster and radiance. You  can get it polished from your jeweler or use a jeweler’s cloth which you’ll easily get online. So that when you wear, it reflects your sheer beauty and people are stunned to see you.



If you follow these tips and tricks I’m sure your gold jewelry will remain radiant and will not lose its sparkle. . You don’t need to ponder much over your gold ornaments  as these simple ways will keep them lustrous.




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