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Skin Care Tips For Summer Brides – 7 Skin Care Tips For Summer Brides – WedAmor

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Summers have already started casting their spell and believe me jerks like me await the season only for mangoes. And I totally understand the plight of summer brides when it comes to skincare and anti-tanning. So consider these skin care tips for summer brides to beat the scorching summer heat.

7 Tips for Healthy Skin All Summer Long

1. Wash your face at least twice each day

skin care tips for summer brides

Oh! Common how silly of me to say so!! Who doesn’t know it anyway?  Sure you know!! But how many times do you execute it!! I know you must be having a really tough time managing your shopping fronts, health regime and meeting and greeting up your relatives and it is no surprise for to me to know that you have been skipping meals, and forgetting the priority of your physical well-being.  So it makes me iterate, again and again, wash your face once every 2 hours even while indoors. IF NECESSARY SET AN ALARM ON PHONE AND PLEASE DO NOT SNOOZE IT. Otherwise, summer microbes can really damage your skin supposed to look radiant on your W-Day.

2. Drink 6l of water every day.

skin care tips for summer brides

“How dumb-witted is the writer mann!! Why does she write the obvious? Of course! I know I need to keep myself hydrated in summers, whether am getting wedded this season or not”. And this is you saying so.

Well, I am no mind reader. So to think of you is just very obvious. But my point is not to tell you that yes you need to drink water. I really want to ensure that you do so. So here it is how- Wherever you are going, carry a 1litre bottle of water and assign yourself a task of refilling the bottle every one and half hour. Why I recommend a bottle is because it is very obvious for you to be occupied with a piece of work and thus lacking the motivation to get up to fetch a glass of water. A bottle at hand is a simple solution among all of the skin care tips for summer brides.

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3. Drink natural products

skin care tips for summer brides 

However tempting an aerated soft drink or lemonade may appear, please refrain. The artificial sugars in it cause your skin to age making you look older than you really are. Instead, opt for natural satisfiers like coconut water.

4. Limited use of sunscreen or suncream

skin care tips for summer brides

Whatsoever and how much so ever, people may preach the use of sunscreen. One word for it. AVOID. After all, they are chemically synthesized shields masking us from the natural air. And my personal experience tells me that it does more harm than good, instantiating pimples and acne. Use an umbrella instead and if it is too much to ask for, get tanned, come back home and rub tomato on it.

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6. Face wipes

skin care tips for summer brides

When out, use face wipes to blot off the oil, sweat, and dirt accumulated on your face. It also makes you feel fresh and is also very handy.

7. Waterproof makeup kits

skin care tips for summer brides

Put makeup only when necessary and do it minimally. Also, use waterproof makeup otherwise you know the fallacy your sweat could land you to.

8. Wash your makeup brushes often

skin care tips for summer brides

One simple reason: to avoid microbial growth and simultaneous manifestation on your skin.So go shopping, go hunting.

Drink water. Stay aerated. Stay happy. Beat the heat. And glow this summer with these simple skin care tips for summer brides. Glow this wedding Wishing love :*




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