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Indian Fashion Trend To Look Out For In 2020 – Wedamor

As we all know every year fashion keeps changing and we have to be updated with the changing fashion. I believe that the old fashion is coming back to wearing sarees in a wedding function.

It has become a new trend to follow a trend but I believe instead of the following trend we could be what we like to wear. Not like we should not follow the trend but we should not completely follow it because we might get uncomfortable wearing trending clothes.

Trending fashion in 2020:

  • Please suit: From quite a long time palazzo suit is in fashion and now that it has come with many new designs. You could easily wear it for any wedding functions or can also wear it on random days because it will never look out of fashion. Though even if it goes out of fashion it will come back with after some years as many of the fashion has come.

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  • Patiala suits: This fashion has never gone out of trend and now that many new design suits are available which makes it look trendy. Earlier Patiala suits which came were quite simple but now that the suit which comes is quite trendy with a modern touch which is effective to a new generation.

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  • Lehenga: This fashion can never get old and by the time the texture of lehenga changed with lots of variety in it like lehenga saree which is quite an in trend as for those who want to wear something heavy and fashionable at the same then they go for lehenga saree. Also, there is a lot of design for lehenga from being simple to heavy.

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  • Saree: Sarees are the oldest form of fashion in India. It not only depicts Indian culture but also portrays the beauty of a woman when they are in saree. Fashion is changing so is the trend of saree. 3 layer saree, dhoti saree, feather plated saree, kalamkari saree, hand printed saree etc are just a few types of saree. There are a lot more types available today.


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Girls today majorly go for saree and lehenga because it is said what enhances a women’s beauty is traditional wear and that can only be saree and lehenga.

There may be a lot more fashion trending but nothing can overpower the fashion of Indian wear. Indian wear is what makes you look more presentable at all times.