The last decade has seen a major transformation on the wedding front with newer trends coming up each year. From dressing to the destination, there have been improvements and newer and more innovative styles on every front. As a soon to be a married couple, you will also want to stay ahead of the times. And that is why we have here for you the latest trends in Indian weddings this year.

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Destination Bridal Showers

Bridal showers are one of the western customs that has found its way into our country and our bridesmaid squads are taking it place. Initially, it began as a small, intimate function arranged at a bridesmaid’s house at a small hall. But now destination bridal showers in Airbnbs are on the rise. This may be your last chance to go on a trip with your girl gang. Do you remember that Goa trip that has been infinitely and indefinitely postponed? Well, this might be just the right time to do it. 

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Extravagant Pre-wedding Photoshoots

Pre-wedding photoshoots are the new normal. Your friends are going to be more surprised if you opt-out of one. Save-the-date posters and wedding teasers are now curated and offered even in the basic photography packages.

So to stand out in this scenario, couples are finding newer and more novel ways to have pre-wedding photoshoots. Right from the concept to props used to destinations travelled to, we are quite in awe of the various pre-wedding photos that we found. Take a look below and you will understand what we are getting at. 


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Sustainable Wedding Planning

The latest trends can be broadly divided into two. One one hand we have ideas and themes which take big, fat Indian weddings to the next level. On the other hand, many couples are choosing to downsize and go minimal. One of the major trends here is sustainable wedding planning.

Some of the ways by which couples are achieving this are by using sustainable decor, by using materials such as blackboards and jute fabrics. Another way is to repurpose existing articles such as wine bottles, blackboards or even coconut husks. 

Eco friendly wedding decoration


Another point where you can innovate is at return favours. Many couples have taken to giving seedlings or potted plants as a return favour. Another option is consumables such as coffee, tea, honey or other consumables. 

Eco friendly wedding gifts


Small Weddings

Many couples have really brought down the size of weddings, not due to budget constraints but because they wanted to have an intimate and meaningful ceremony with only their innermost circle present. It may be difficult to get your family’s approval on this one. In that case, you can always host a bigger reception for extended family and friends. remember that only the number of guests reduce here, not the fun, beauty and happiness that a wedding entails. 

Customised Invitation Illustrations

One of the best ways to introduce customisation to your weddings is through your invitations. You can get hand-drawn or digitally designed quirky illustrations of you and your partner. They will get a laugh out of your friends, look super cute and also make for a great keepsake. You can additionally incorporate your wedding theme and destination through these invites. 

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Personalised Instagram Hashtags

Couples are now curating a personalised hashtag just for their wedding and some have even created a page for the same. The great thing about these are that by searching using the hashtag, you will be able to view all your wedding photos and stories which your friends have Instagrammed.

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We are sure that many of the above trends would have inspired you and given you some great ideas. Let us know your favourites in the comments.