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When it comes to the most important day of one’s life, compromise isn’t a word. Along with all other things to go perfectly look best, everyone wants to look best on their wedding day. And because it’s the most special day, it should be in the most special way. To go with the crowd is too mainstream. This is the day when you not only want to look beautiful but different as well. Everyone wants a look so as to snatch a ‘wow’ at every glance. Here we are suggesting you five things which will help you look your best on your wedding day:

Flower Jewellery

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The trend is in! And that means you have so much variety on the plate to choose from. Just like conventional gold and other precious jewellery, you will get a range of designs to choose from. You just need to contact the right person and you will get an entirely different look on your wedding day. You can also carry your traditional jewelry along with but make sure that both of them aren’t too much. Balance your look by choosing the right kind of jewelry and order some light flower jewelry to look best on your wedding day!

Unconventional Wedding Dress

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Everyone goes over choosing their traditional outfits for this one day. But there is no rule book to follow! It’s your day and you might like to change the roads to look stunning on your wedding day. If you don’t want to go totally unconventional you can try modifying your dress. For example, if your culture says ‘saree for weddings,’ wear a saree but drape it in some other style. Must have heard, if there is a will there is away!

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Get a Makeover Haircut

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If you want to look best on your wedding day, don’t go over your boring routine look. If you had been showing off your long straight hairs for quite a while now, chop them off for a new look. Even if you want to keep them intact, you can perm them or curl them temporarily. The mantra is that just don’t follow your everyday look during your wedding functions. You can also try coloring them into a different shade of black or brown with the help of expert advice. Yes, expert advice is important; you can’t experiment randomly for the most important day of your life. Remember, you need to look best!

Experiment With Colors

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Don’t go with the age-old convention of red for your wedding and pink for the reception. Break the color norms and try something new. Experiment with colors. Gone are the days when you had to compulsorily dress up in golden and red. If you are comfortable in going the opposite way, nude shades are on trend too. Fabrics with mild colors and fine embroidery will give you a graceful and stunning look! You can also go for contrasting colors. Choose the colors that suit your skin tone and you are good to go!

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Skin Care

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Last but not the least; you need to start caring for your skin much before your wedding date. The topmost layer of our skin wears out because of its constant exposure to pollution and sunlight. You need to rejuvenate your skin before your wedding day to look best. Keep a track of what you are eating. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet months before your big day. Carry an umbrella and always apply sunscreen when out for your bridal shopping!

So this is the checklist you need to follow if you want to look best on your wedding day. There isn’t any hard regime that you need to follow. Take no stress and happily prepare for the best wedding you will ever attend in your life. That definitely should be your own, Right?




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