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While your hairstyle and lip shade is something that you decide beforehand, eye makeup is something that is usually overlooked until the last minute. When it comes to eye makeup, there are multiple options, from simple kohl-rimmed eyes to elaborate multihued eyeshadow. Decide on something that will go with the rest of the makeup, like contouring and lip colouring and discuss it with your MUA. Here, we have collated a list of fashionable looks which you can save and recreate on your big day.

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Smokey Eyes

Smokey eyes seem to be a trend that appears to be getting more and popular every year with brides going gaga over it. They invariably choose to go with this look for at least one of the events. Within smokey eyes you have multiple options, you can keep it light with black or go for a metallic look. Combined with red or pink lip shades, you will look like the diva you are. 


This matte golden eye makeup here is the just the right amount of glitter. Combined with bright red lipstick, the bride looks quite glamorous.


Charcoal Eye Makeup

Charcoal makeup is a more intense variation of the smokey eye makeup. As, the name suggests it creates a thick, bold black outline of your eyes which is quite appealing. If you want your eyes to really stand out, then this is a great choice. Combine it with nude or subtle pink lip shades.

Charcoal Bridal Eye Makeup With Luscious Lashes


Glittery Eye Makeup

If you are looking for a bit of bling in your makeup, then this is the way to go. The look goes well with autumn bridal lehengas and Kanjivaram sarees. Combine this with winged eyeliner and mascara to complete the look. 

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Multi-coloured Butterfly Eye Makeup

This is one of the most exotic eye makeup options out there and looks like a work of art if done correctly. Here, the colours of your attire are combined artistically and combined with a winged tip eyeliner. This one should be left to the professionals and will be useful to have a trial earlier. 



Rosy Eye Makeup

This one is best suited for lighter skin shades and when you are going for an overall soft profile. This is designed to blend with the rest of the makeup, contouring and lip colouring.


Nude Eye Makeup

If you are someone who shies away from makeup and what to have a natural, minimal look, then nude eye makeup is the way to go. Also, if you are going for heavy face makeup and bold lip colour, then you can go light on the eye makeup and keep it light. Needless to say, it can be modified to suit any skin tone. 


Kohl Eye Makeup

If you are a no-fuss bride who relies on kohl to get you through, then let’s say that it will work just fine. You can go light on or completely avoid the eye shadow. Kohl with highlighted inner corners combined with bold brows makes your eyes pop. 


Metallic Eye Makeup

Metallic eye makeup seems to be the trend of the season, with brides experimenting different colours right from the gold to blue. Combine them with fluttery lashes for a winning look. 


Silver/Grey Eye Makeup

This one is for the dusky skin tones and also gives off a diva vibe. If you want to keep it light, then you can go for a matte grey shade. For something more dramatic, you can use metallic silver shade. Combine it with black to create an ombre effect. 


We hope that we have given you some great ideas.  Let us know your favourites in the comments.