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Green Wedding.
Wedding are a great deal to manage. We often hear people say “Picturey bhale chale na chale, shaadiya chalti rahengi”. It is indeed true. Weddings are bound to happen. And every wedding is a bond of love and friendship between two entire families. It is not necessary that every couple would have dreams of a high-fi wedding destinations and dresses. Some couples even have a insight of hosting an environmental friendly wedding. So, basically as we all know, our environment is degrading day by day and weddings are most likely to be the events in which exploitation of resources can be seen.

The extra food get wasted, noise pollution happens etc. So, to reduce all this, some families try their hand on Green Weddings. It is not at all a complicated process.

Know More:-
Green weddings are those weddings which are carried out on a environmental friendly and eco-friendly basis. It is mainly thought by the people who ensure healthy lifestyle. People in green weddings think that they should Include more and more of eco friendly practices in the function. They reduce the impact of the hazards caused by a traditional function. Everything in a wedding from invitations to photographers and to food is organized with an idea of sustainable development.

Main Attractions


The place booked for a Green Wedding is amongst the greenery of the nature. It will use flowers and other sustainable products for the decoration of the venue. No harmful colours and lights will be used to make the venue look brighter. It will all be surrounded by the natural products.


Invitations include the most exploitation of the paper. Inviting people with cards leads to the wastage of paper on a very large scale. When you plan a green wedding, you obviously make sure the optimum use of resources. Some of the ways to ensure the protection from paper waste is:

  1. To send electronic invitations.
  2. To send flowers with a note instead of entire invitation card.
  3. Using recycled paper.


The wedding dress is always the best attraction, especially for the bride. To your surprise, the wedding dress is the biggest exploiter of the resources including money for the entire wedding. The brides who opt for a green wedding usually end up buying a second-hand dress for their wedding. They also often wear a rented dress because who needs to buy an expensive dress and then not wearing it again. This helps in the sustainable use of the products and prevents them from exploitation.


All the guests attending the wedding will only remember the taste of the food. This is why every family hosting the wedding pays special attention to catering. The families engaged in the green wedding ensure the use of organic substances while preparation of the food. They also ensure that the food is not wasted or thrown.

It is not at all a tough job to organize a green wedding. There are plenty of ideas that will help you to make the most of it. Try some of the ideas and contribute your part in maintaining a healthy environment.