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Without a pre-wedding photoshoot, try to remember her first cup of cappuccino “perfectly brewed “for you, a photo of his first dance move only to woo you!! Your first secret hush-hush date, your stealthy embezzling gazes, those first roses and cocooning embraces! Aren’t the reminiscences of them enough to give you goosebumps and transport you to the timeless era of your innocence, romance, and taintless love…Only if time could freeze you in those carefree days of benevolence…only if you could burrow in the depths of time and relive the passion!

 Tips For Getting The Right Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

So today when you are so close to tying the knot with the prince of your eye and the apple of your heart, why not revive those overwhelming days of love and this time also freeze them into eternal smithereens of old and rooted love just as the wedding bells are distinct and loud.

And it is where the wise men brought in the concept of a pre-wedding photoshoot.The trend has been garnering colossal momentum these days. Just like wedding photographers call for a pre-booking, pre-wedding shutterbugs also have to be well chosen and pre-booked. Here we enlist a few precautionary tips for an appealing pre-wedding photoshoot:

  1) Choice Of  Photographer:

pre-wedding photoshootDon’t just casually choose your photographer. Photography ain’t a profession. It is the art of seeing magnanimity from the lens of a camera.  Research, compare and evaluate the portfolios and Galleria of professional shutterbugs. Try envisioning yourself in their creations and choose the one in which you see your personality emerging out the best. Clarify all your doubts with the photographer and take a confident decision so that you are not left disappointed at the end after your pre-wedding photography.

2) Keep Your Head Clear:

pre-wedding photoshoot

Have a clear well-formed idea of what you want from the photo-shoot. Convince yourself that the pre-wedding photo shoot is intended to narrate your love saga rather than social media giveaways.

3) Indulge With The Photographer:

pre-wedding photoshootPrior to the photo shoot, meet up with the photographer. Give him a clear idea of your expectations from the shoot. Open up to him so that he/she may have an insight into your personality.

Also, I did suggest you hire the same professional for pre-wedding and wedding shoots so that they know you well and also avoid repetitive and similar shots.

Settle with the locations with your professional. Some people prefer shooting at places where they first met, or secretly dated, monuments and gardens. Know yours.

Some locations require permissions. So to avoid hassle on the day of the pre-wedding photography, find out all such details.

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4) Groundwork Before The Day:

pre-wedding photoshoot

Your photographer, though not a stylist, is a professional who knows what looks best before the camera. So find out with him/her what should you wear and accessorize for the day. Make sure you look your best because these would be your most apprized treasures when you look back 50 years later. Surely enough! You want to see yourself like unflawed paragons of heaven.

So do not forget those matching blazers or stilettoes. Make sure your dresses fit you the best.

Carry all the props that you would need. Be punctual and give the photographers the time they demand. Keep your cell phones at bay.

Also be watchful of your dietary habits since weeks before the day. Your skin should look happy and healthy on the day of the for your pre-wedding photography. Drink lots of water. Take care of your hair. Get a manicure and a pedicure done. Also be particularly cautious of your hand since they do a lot of storytelling. Also catch proper sleep on the night before

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5) Be Yourself Be Comfortable:

pre-wedding photoshoot

Is it a day merely intended to go snapping!! No! It is a day entailed to relive and recollect all the good old sunny days of togetherness. <3  So be your own self- the cheerful, the playful you!

Whatever you wear be easy in the same. Carry flats along with so that when you need to walk a lot you can switch immediately into them. Also, if your blazer compliments your attire, carry them. It won’t be a trouble if you have to put them on for a shot.

So these were our pre-wedding photoshoot tips. Never complain about the time of the day and the light of the location. A good photographer can shoot an exquisite piece at any time of the day and at any given setting.

<3 So be in love yet again, once again, and all over again. And just let your smile and love echo through. <3



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