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Sachin Fotos

With a pool of talented candid and professional photographers in India, weddings are now celebrated not just as ceremonies but as moments. One such gem is Sachin R Saini who has established his own studio by the name of Sachin Fotos. He is based in Alwar, a city known for world famous Kalakand (Milk-Cake), historical monuments, a beautiful lake and a picturesque valley, Sariska Tiger Reserve and much more. Team Wedamor interviews our third candid photographer. Read the interesting story of Sachin and how destiny made an electrical engineer into a professional photographer.

Wedamor – Hi Sachin, Great to have you at Wedamor, let’s start by getting to know a bit about you, your team, and what inspired you to become a wedding photographer?

Sachin – Hello Team Wedamor, I, Sachin R Saini or you can also call me  Tasveeri, have founded Sachin Fotos, an Alwar-based photography team with services ranging from traditional to candid photography and cinematography. My team members include Rohit Sharma, Parijaat Sharma, Prince Sharma, Dinesh Chaudhary, KapiI Kumar, and Manmohan Saini. I was truly mad about capturing the emotions and colors which made me a Wedding Photographer. Photography gives me pleasure and immense satisfaction as I feel that I am making lifetime memories for people.

Sachin Fotos


Wedamor – How do you get the couples in front of the camera onto the film or paper in just the way you want?

Sachin – I do always try to get that candidness in my pictures as couples can find them easy with me.


Wedamor – Would you like to give a brief description of the services you are offering and what makes you stand out in the competition?

Sachin – We are into wedding photography, event photography, commercial photography, portfolios, and kids photography apart from cinematic services. Actually, we don’t consider anyone as a competitor because we do what we think is our way to do. We consider ourselves as the only competition so that we can improve daily.Sachin Fotos Sachin Fotos


Wedamor – You have covered a number of weddings from different parts of India. Share with us one which remains your favourite and why?

Sachin –Though all the weddings we covered are special to us, but the one which remains the favourite is of Arjun and Rashi held in February 2016 in Portico Sarovar, Faridabad. Arjun is a close friend of mine from the college time and he is one of those who pushed me to take photography as a full-time career. In his wedding, I didn’t feel like I was working, I shot what I loved and the outputs were best till now. That wedding was full of fun and love.Sachin Fotos

Sachin Fotos

Sachin Fotos

Sachin FotosSachin Fotos

Wedamor – Lovely couple and fabulous pics. So, what have been the biggest challenges so far in establishing yourself in the country as a wedding photographer?

Sachin – For me, challenges and commitments are same that is to create beautiful memories for people through pictures.


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Wedamor – Which aspect of your work excites you the most?

Sachin – Photography is really fun, you travel, meet new people, create lifetime memories for two souls. Apart from this, colors and fun during weddings also excite me.

Sachin Fotos Sachin Fotos Sachin Fotos Sachin Fotos


Wedamor – What was your career path? How did you get from being an aspiring photographer to actually doing it full time for a living?

Sachin – It was November 2014. I got a call that would you like to shoot our wedding and that was my very first wedding photography assignment. I am so thankful to Sheetal and Neeraj who believed in me and loved my work. From then to now, I just continued to work.Sachin Fotos

Sachin Fotos


Wedamor – Sounds great, So, how has the journey been so far and what are your future plans?

Sachin – It was a lovely experience and was a phase of learning for me. Future plans are just to be much more creative and to set a benchmark in my city. Also, to create exclusive images anytime, anywhere.

Sachin Fotos


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Team Wedamor wishes Sachin Fotos a best of luck in their endeavour in becoming a successful candid and professional photographer.

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