Bidaai is undoubtedly the most emotional part of a wedding. There are thousands of feelings unexpressed when the little princess leaves her parent’s house and goes to her in laws. Parents can never express in words how do they feel when the girl they have been taking care of since she was born leaves them and goes away. And the bride can never express how does she feels when she leaves her home and starts a new life in a new family.

It is definitely the toughest part of a wedding.

Most expressive bidaai songs..

When someone is not at all able to express how they feel, songs can always help out. Here are top five bidaai songs of all time.

1) Madhaniyan

This beautiful Punjabi folk song captures the relationship of a bride with her parents. How a bride has to leave her house and go to another house. High on emotions, this song captures the true essence of bidaai. There are many versions of this song but the original version sung by Musarrat Nazir still tops the list.

You can hear this song here.

Here is another amazing version of this song sung by Neha Bhasin.


2) Kabira (Encore)

Banno re banno meri chali sasuraal ko, ankhiyon mein paani de gayi duaa mein meethi gud dhaani le gayi” These lyrics have always managed to give us goosebumps. This beautiful song from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani sung by Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur is exactly how everyone feels when their lovely doll leaves them and goes away. May it be bride’s parents, sisters, friends or relatives, everyone is just trying to stop their tears. This song can help you express everything that you aren’t able to.

You can listen to this beautiful song here.


3) Laadki

Okay now this is my personal favourite. This amazingly beautiful song sung by Rekha Bharadwaj, Kirtidan Gadhvi and Tanishka Sanghvi is one of the most touching songs that I have ever heard. Telling the story of a girl being grown up with her parents, now going away from them. This is everything our parents want to tell their baby girl during their bidaai and everything their baby girl wants to tell them stating the lyrics “Paas hi apne rakh le kuch der, udd jaayega paakhi hote hi saver“.

This beautiful song can be heard here.


4) Babul ki duaayein leti jaa

This song is certainly the father of all bidaai songs. Every bride want this song to be played in her bidaai since 1968. This song from the movie Neel Kamal beautifully sung by the legendary Md. Rafi Sahab is exactly everything a father wants tell his angel while she is leaving his home and going to live with her in laws. He is telling her how he has taken care of here since she was born and what she means to him. This song will make every girl and her parents cry out there.

You can listen to this legendary song here.


5) Din shagna da

How can we not talk about this song when it comes to bidaai songs? This song is probably one the favourite bidaai songs of every girl out there. This punjabi song is so beautiful and will keep everyone mesmerized with it’s beautiful lyrics. Din shagna da will be the perfect ending to your fairy tale wedding. There are two favourite versions of this song. One is the original punjabi folk version while the other is sung by Royal Jasleen in the movie Phillauri.

You can here the original version here.

While you can here the one from Phillauri movie here.

Bidaai is the part of the wedding where no one can control their feelings. Bidaai songs are always something that makes you cry.