Wedding Lanterns that best suit your wedding Weddings

”  Wedding Lanterns are the most romantic form of expressing our love”

 Wedding Lanterns look absolutely lovely during the night or even during the evening hours for all styles of weddings. You can simply hang them from trees or ceilings or even from the shepherd’s hooks. You can use them on the windowsills and even around steps, walls, the entrance ways and also as the centerpieces. They look stunning when lit at night or when filled with flowers during the day hours. They do double the beauty as both the decoration and the lighting. What’s not to love in them? So get that pin finger already and check out these gorgeous photos which we discovered just for you to best suit the lantern that will suit your style on your wedding day.

Wedding Lanterns that best suit your wedding

 1. Paper Wedding Lanterns

 The paper wedding lanterns are extremely economical and also very pretty and add a soft touch to your favorite wedding décor. They even work well preferably for an outdoor setup. They look extremely stunning when lots of them are hung at different heights.  is to carefully dress up the usually basic paper lantern. Working on the, Either way, they will look absolutely stunning! Another great idea there are many ways to string them; you could hang them either individually at varying heights or by stringing them in a mesh or simply in a row. color based on your theme, dressing up them with flowers, origami… getting creative all the way enhances its beauty. 

Wedding Lanterns that best suit your wedding

2. Oil Wedding Lanterns

Oil wedding lanterns are an old school, but a great option in case you are on a budget constraint as these are not very expensive. Also, they can add a vintage touch to your ordinary décor and the lighting is also good enough. We like the way they have been used in the picture below. It looks so beautiful and unique. We highly recommend it.

wedding lanterns

3. Metal  Wedding Lanterns

 Metal wedding lanterns look both elegant and chic and are a perfect way to add natural lighting to your function. We love the ones in the picture below. If you use these lanterns throughout the house, your house will get that touch of beauty with elegance and of course lots of lights. They can even be hung or just placed around the venue. 

Wedding Lanterns that best suit your wedding

 Wedding lanterns, be it oil, paper or metal, all are beautiful and within the budget. It is there to make this wonderful event memorable. It is of primary importance that the couple’s wishes have been fully satisfied. Their happiness on this day is the main object of the event. The lanterns, therefore, work for making the ambiance all ready for the start of this new journey.

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Wedding Lanterns that best suit your wedding

 Whatever may be the ceremony or occasion, make sure you use lights all the way for the lights bring happiness and joy in the couple’s lives and as per the relationship of marriage, the end goal is always to make this big day your most memorable one. Every couple has their own views on the importance of wedding and how to celebrate it. Therefore, make your best choice keeping your tastes and preferences in mind. We wish you all the very best.

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