10 Best Last Minute Wedding Gifts For Your Best Friend’s Wedding

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“A Marriage requires falling in love again and again.

Always with the Same Person!!”
~Mignon McLaughlin.

Last Minute Wedding Gifts
Marriages are made in heaven. Whoever said that, they were absolutely right. A wedding is the most beautiful thing that happens in a person’s life. And when it comes to our own Best Friend’s wedding, that could be the most awaited moment. It will be even exciting to choose a gift from all the exotic things available there in the world. So, we from WedAmor list out the 10 Best Wedding Gifts you can present to your Best Friend at his wedding. Read on to discover the gifts and unveil happiness…

Last Minute Wedding Gifts For Your Friend’s Wedding

1. Whenever I hear the word ‘Wedding’ the thought that says, “Build a house; Make a wedding happen” comes to my mind. Making a wedding happen with success is no less than building a house. So, the most beautiful gift I would present to my friend is getting involved in the planning of the Wedding. I would personally take care of the scheduled events to happen in time. And most importantly, Indian weddings are almost based on Decoration and Attractiveness. So, I wouldn’t hesitate to decorate the place of wedding by myself.

2.  ‘A heartful blessing is better than a precious gift presented with wicked heart’. So, I would reach out to everyone’s home and invite them cordially to the wedding. Although I wouldn’t know every one of my friend’s relatives, I would introduce myself as the Host of Marriage. The couple gets the warm blessings and greetings from everyone who attended the wedding.

3.  Another gift that I would consider best is presenting the newlywed couple, an exotic photo frame with a collage of our memories, our common walks of life and the bride groom’s entry into my best friend’s life, describing it as a life-changing memory!

Last Minute Wedding Gifts

4.  My best friend’s wedding would be even more joyous, if I add some more old memories, hand written by me. It would include some photographs that remind us of our mischief and how crazy we were. I would take the help of all our mutual friends and make it look amazing. But I wouldn’t let my best friend know, till the wedding day, because there’s no point if there’s no surprise! *** BAM***

5. I wouldn’t forget my cute sister, because she’s the one who takes my place, walking beside my friend in every breath of his life. So, I would rather consider presenting her a necklace embedded with costly stones and gems. Make my friend feel jealous, yeah! And then give him something like some good memories that are more valuable than any physical gift!
Last Minute Wedding Gifts
6. I would present the couple a travel guide in which some locations are marked by me for the honeymoon spot. I’ll take their conclusion and book tickets for their flight, make hotel reservations and wish Bon Voyage for their safer journey.

7. The best gift, in terms of a physical thing I consider, is a heart-shaped box, full of chocolates! The heart shows their eternal love and I would even impose a condition to store a chocolate in it, every year, till their last breath which makes them remember the moments they shared together their whole life.
Last Minute Wedding Gifts
8.  I would use my skills to create a video file that shows our whole lives in it. I would edit the video and make it so beautiful that anyone watches it should presume that it really was a heaven! Although the photographer, with more experience, can do better, I have the memories that I can recreate!

9.  A sip of coffee makes you forget your problems. But when that coffee, drunk in a mug presented by you at his wedding, reminds him of you! So, the best gift to present to your best friend for his wedding, would be two coffee mugs with your beautiful memories inscribed on them.

10. Last but not the least, there’s no denying in the fact that Relations play a major role than some lifeless, stupid things. So, I would go to every of my best friend’s relatives house, take snaps and include them in the Wedding Photo Album.

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The one thing that matters most in everyone’s life is a Relation. They say, “Blood is Thicker than Water”. But I amaze every time, watching the purity in a friendship. So, I say “Friendship sails a longer journey, than a blood relation does”.

Hope you had a good time reading and amaze your friend with your awesome gifts!