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I feel that Quarantine is the best time to try out DIY Makeup Hacks. You’re locked at home and don’t have much to do. Thus, instead of doing stupid nominating challenges on social media, you can try exploring some new tricks to enhance your makeup. Make your face your palate of art and get started.

As I don’t know much about makeup, I took the assistance of a budding makeup artist, Alisha Sharma. Alisha Sharma is a Delhi-based makeup artist who started off 3 years ago. She has a Diploma in Professional Makeup training.

Makeup is something that she had loved ever since childhood but she never thought that she will ever pursue it as a profession.

Although Alisha has received immense support from her family and friends and has a good reach on social media, there have been times that she is asked by people to provide free trials. The major setback of this is that people get themselves a free trial and then get the same thing done from a salon nearby from half the price. Many makeup artists would go through such struggles.

So, dear freeloaders! You might be looking for ways to save money but remember that an MUA uses the best of their products on you to get our desired look. If you really wish to save money, we have listed a few DIY makeup hacks which you can try for yourself and spare the MUAs from your free-loading:

  • Using liquid lipstick as eyeliner

Let’s accept it! We all get bored with the mundane, usual black eyeliner once in a while. So if you’re really looking forward to getting different colored eyeliners, you can actually save money by using liquid lipstick as eyeliner. A short disclaimer, liquid lipstick is generally not used on eyes, so try this at your own risk.

  • Using Scotch Tape to get a winged eyeliner

It is generally advised to use either a Scotch Tape or a surgical tape which you can get a local pharmacy so that it doesn’t harm your skin. In order to get a perfect wing, it is advised to paste the tape diagonally.

  • Using Vaseline before applying foundation to get the dewy look

If you have dry skin, this is the best hack for you. There are times that directly applying makeup can damage your skin. Or, it might not bring the required glow on your face. Hence, applying Vaseline just before applying the foundation not only moisturizes your skin but gets you the required glow.

  • Using leftover lipstick as blush

This is the age of recycling and what better way to recycle a lipstick! You need to take leftover lipstick, mix it with coconut oil and voila, you have a crème blush! It gives you a nice and healthy tint. Plus, using different shades can give your blush a little pop of color.

  • Using white eyeliner to enhance the color of eye shadow

If you cover your complete eyelid with white eyeliner, it will enhance the color of eye shadow.

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  • Using a visiting card to pull up your eyelashes while applying mascara

At times, it gets difficult to shape your eyelashes perfectly while applying Mascara. Thus, you can try using a business card to pull up the eyelashes. This will not only help you apply the mascara properly but will also help you get the perfect shape.

  • Use a band-aid to get polka dot nail art

Well, it’s the easiest nail art ever. All you need to do is stick a band-aid vertically after applying the base nail paint. Once done, apply nail paint over the holes present in the band-aid. Let it dry and then remove the band-aid gently.

  • Use glue to save your nails from nail paint remains

Mix adhesive glue with your base coat. Apply it on your nail before applying any nail paint. Once you wish to remove the nail paint, you can simply peel the nail color off your nail.

  • Using frosted eye shadow to get a glow on your lips

After applying lipstick, take a matching eye shadow and apply it on your lips by gently dabbing it with a finger. This will give your lips a different glow.

  • Mix contact lens solution with flaky Mascara so that it lasts long

If your Mascara is drying up and getting flaky, add some contact solution to its bottle. Cap the bottle of mascara and shake it a bit. It will liquefy those flakes and will make your mascara last long. But if you had the mascara longer than three months, do not try this as it might cause eye infection.

So, here are a few DIY makeup tricks that you can try at home and if you come up with something new, you can always comment on the post with your ideas.

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