12 Gorgeous Saree Jacket Designs – Wedamor

It’s time to spice up a jacket on your classical saree and rock it like a diva! All of us have a relationship of love and hatred with our sarees. We love them for the stunning look they give and hate them for the uncomfortable moments at times. However, in the end, saree is the favorite style of the ensemble for a wedding for any woman. Plus, there are other ways you can enhance the overall look of a saree. One of those is to wear a jacket over your saree. 

Whether it’s Georgette or silk, it’s simple to pair sarees with a jacket and awestruck your guests. While sarees symbolize Indian heritage and ethnic culture, the inclusion of a jacket brings a touch of Western-style that we all love! We believe the best way to attract the millennia and Gen Zs is to put on these saree jackets that are gorgeous, shiny costumes for the coming wedding season. Honestly, you can also wear a comfortable white saree jacket over your shoulders, and get ready for a wedding in seconds! 

So scroll down and see all the wonderful ideas about saree jackets you can bookmark for the next wedding.

1. A High Low Saree Jacket

All the excitement these days is high low clothes. So those high low styles look amazing when it comes to saree jackets and are the winners of every occasion.


2. A Combination Of Gold And Bright Red

This one saree jacket is a treat for our eyes, adorned by gold hand-embroidery. Pair your saree with the same jacket design and steal the show wherever you go!


3. A Blend of Mesh Work On A Peplum Style Jacket

We love the beautiful saree jacket that blends the mesh into a peplum pattern in the form of a white net. This, actually, is one of the finest styles for saree jackets.


4. A Saree Jacket Embellished With Gold

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja wows beautifully in this outfit embellished gold jacket combined with a chikankari saree.


5. A long Jacket

Nothing beats a jacket with a beautifully embroidered saree. Such a design of the saree jacket allows you to go OTT without too much effort for your wedding.


6. Shoulder Cape Style Saree Jacket Designs

Capes and jackets are also a good and fun item to include in your wedding wardrobe, irrespective of whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid.


7. Short Jackets To Match A Saree

One of the most common saree jacket designs is the short jackets which are beautiful adornments to compliment your saree. They can either match your saree’s color, or they can be contrasting. However, all in all, they look amazing.


8. A Jacket For Saree To Replace Your Blouse

If you are happy to dump the same old saree blouse styles, then pick a jacket and completely replace your blouse with it!


9.Popular Saree Jacket Design by Anamika Khanna 

Anamika Khanna is well known to add to her saree outfits some of the most wonderful designer jackets. They are beautiful, special and they complement the outfit, making it look good.

10. Fashionable Style Of Red And Hot Saree Jacket

The addition of an embroidered jacket to a red saree makes the entire wedding outfit wonderful.


11. Saree Jacket Style With Frills 

This saree jacket in boho design is perfect if you want to introduce a bohemian touch to your wedding.


12. Saree Jackets With Floral Print

Florals are very much in trend right now. And that’s precisely why a sweet floral jacket helps you to spice up your style.