12 Songs Perfect for Bridal Entry – Wedamor

A wedding is a very big affair for every family. Moreover, it’s the most special and memorable day for the couple. The excitement and curiosity of starting a new life are mixed with the joy of fun and celebrations going around. Starting from a few days before the main ceremony, rituals take place even after the main day. For all rituals, you need to take up thousands of preparations.

From shopping for your clothes, jewelry, accessories to getting the perfect wedding decor, and all your loved ones around, you have to take care of a lot of things.

With the constantly changing trends and new ways of celebrating your big day, you need to make way for these too. One such old concept that has been adopted by various other cultures now is a grand bridal entry. Brides try their best to inculcate something that describes their personality as a part of their entry. It could be just a song or a decorative item. There might be some funky style of entry, like entry on a carriage, a bicycle or by dancing on a particular song. Surrounded by her bridesmaids, she wants to attract the attention of everybody as she enters to finally start her big day.

Perfect Bridal Entry Songs


No matter which element is included in bridal entry, a background song sets the mood. With emotional parents seeing her daughter making way for her big day, her friends, and other relatives happy and excited about the event, a perfect song is mandatory. 12 songs perfect for bridal entry are:

Din Shagna Da

From the movie, Phillauri by artist Jasleen Royal, it is one of the favorite songs of all brides. A slow and emotional rhythm sets the perfect aura for a bridal entry.

Kabira Encore

Set in the fairytale wedding at Udaipur, this track from Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani provides a perfect mood for the bride. With lyrics that can make your eyes wet and a tune that takes you back to all the memories with your family, it is a melodious song.

Jogi (Female Version)

Sung by Aakansha Sharma, this song from the movie, Shadi Mein Zaroor Ana is slow and beautiful, providing a perfect lyrical melody for the entry.


Young and Beautiful

This is an award-winning song from the album, The Great Gatsby by Lana Del Rey. The song is about promises of unconditional love, perfect for a bride who is ready to take a new step for love.


The song from the famous Chetan Bhagat novel adopted movie, Kai Po Che, is to mark the new beginnings. As the couple starts the ceremonies to enter the new phase of their life, this song provides the correct mood.

Tune Mari Entriyaan

This is a perfect song to enter while dancing with your beloved bridesmaids. As a modern bride, it provides the fun and celebratory mood from the 2013 movie, Gunday.

Raabta (Female Version)

The song from the old movie, Agent Vinod featuring real-life love mates, this song is for a romantic bridal entry.

A Thousand Years

Making promises to love for a thousand years, the bridal entry is unique and romantic with this Christina Perri song.

Tum Jo Aye

In the heavenly voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Tulsi Kumar, this song from Once Upon A Time in Mumbai is yet another romantic melody. Talking about how beautiful life has become since the love of your life entered it, this is perfect to be grateful for the love as your both take on the next step.

Teri Ore

The lyrics are perfect as you move towards your future husband with the beautiful voice of Shreya Ghosal and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The song is a famous track from the 2008 movie, Singh is King.


One of the most famous tracks by Maroon 5, describing the power of love, it is perfect for an exclusive and romantic bridal entry.


Another amazing track from Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani featuring the dancing queen, Madhuri Dixit, it is fun to dance and make your memorable entry.