5 Trendy Wedding Cake Ideas – Wedamor Wedding Cakes

A lot of countries have wedding cakes as a symbolic event at their wedding. In other countries, a wedding cake is broken over a bride’s head to ensure fertility and bring good fortune to the newly wedded family. Other people think that having crumbs from a wedding cake gets them good luck. As the wedding cake symbolizes a good life for a newly wedded couple, people prefer having the crumbs of the cake, hoping to get some good wishes for themselves.

Minimalist Wedding Cakes

This is by far the perfect wedding cake for the couples who love simplistic and minimalist things. With less decor, less icing, maybe even comparatively fewer amount of tiers, this cake will turn out to be perfect. Usual wedding cakes have 3 tiers. According to tradition, the bottom tier is for eating at the ceremony. The next tier is for distributing the cake after the event. Finally, the top-most tier is saved for the couple. This layer is preserved to be had later on. 


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Glamourous Cake

In continuance, this is a cake for the couples who love jazz, sparkle, and glamour! Moreover, this cake can be decorated up to the extreme, in accordance to the couple. It can also be decorated down if that glamour is too much. In case the theme of your wedding is royal or related to grandeur, this cake would be a perfect choice for you. It fits the theme as well as the personality you are going for as a couple. The tiers, in this case, can be added and made bigger, as per the need.

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Geometric Accents

Wedding cakes with geometric accents are supremely classy. They look exquisite and are gorgeously textured. This cake is layered. It is also covered with metallic edible or non-edible strips that are put if you ask for them. These cakes are designed as per your orders and wishes. This is one of the best types of wedding cakes as it surely has the flavor, looks as well as class. 

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Dark Wedding Cakes

These are more likely known as gothic cakes. They are dark and elegant. For such a themed wedding, these beauties are surely a must-have. It is advised that you choose your cake as per how you want it to be at your wedding and how you would like it to match your theme. Moreover, the tiers should be chosen as per the number of guests coming in. The quantity overall should be enough for the guests as, in some traditions, having newly wedded couples’ wedding cake brings happiness and joy!

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Floral Wedding Cakes

Finally, a simple, floral wedding cake is a perfect choice for you in case you want to lie between the minimalist and glamorous. This is the perfect combination that captures the essence of glamour and class but also has a simple and elegant look to it. Floral wedding cakes are extremely beautiful and aesthetic to look at it. Most couples prefer such cakes at their weddings. If the theme of your wedding is floral, why not go all out and get it together? 

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To conclude, every wedding does not necessarily need or have a cake. Certain wedding cultures don’t even have a cake ceremony. So, in all, it depends on you and your spouse, as a mutual agreement. 

Finally, all of these cakes are customizable. The main foundation and base need to stay constant, other than that, all modifications can be done. Moreover, it is extremely exciting to see various types and trends in wedding cakes. Furthermore, it shows off the personality and the bond of the couple. A wedding cake symbolizes happiness and togetherness!