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A sehra is a headdress or an accessory worn over their turbans by the grooms. Traditionally, this elegant ornament was created of strings of flowers hanging from a band of cotton or silk. When time passes, there are large numbers of designs to pick from- gotta, beads, pearls, and much more. You may also customize them to match your turban and can also wear precious jewels. 

In reality, sehras are not mere accessories, they have motives behind their design. Firstly, they were meant to ward off the evil eye. Secondly, the bride and groom were not expected to see each other until their wedding ceremony. A sehra then solved the aim of covering the groom ‘s face, while the bride covered her face with a ghunghat or a pallu. Nonetheless, that has changed. Grooms wear sehra on their baraats and remove them later as they believe they’re old fashioned and spoil their look.

Find out more about the latest groom sehra trends and styles:-

1. Floral Sehra

Just like a bride’s floral jewelry, a lot of sehras of grooms come in a variety of florals and make a great addition to their wedding day look. From the traditional mogra sehra to one with flowers, the modern flower groom sehras jazz up every groom ‘s wedding day in no time at all. This beautiful floral style is a show-stealer. 

The strings are not tightly huddled together, so there is enough space between them. This makes the features of the groom clear, but partly covered at the same time. However, if you want to choose a specific headdress made of flowers, make sure the flowers are fresh. Decayed flowers might spoil the look.


2. Pearl String Sehra

The groom can match it well with the red beaded necklace and the multicolored gems in the headband. A lot of Rajasthan grooms choose to combine their elegant Pagdis with a sehra made of pearls or semi-precious stones for the traditional Rajputana look. It also goes well with the red and gold colors sherwani. This headdress made of pearl strings is not only easier to maintain, but also stunningly beautiful.


3. South Indian Groom Sehra Designs

Well, South Indian grooms usually carry a traditional headgear of pearls on their wedding day, unlike the grooms in the North who cover all their faces. We saw Ranveer Singh wearing such sehra at his wedding and he looked amazing. 


4. Gotta and Kiran Sehra

Here is another beautiful sehra design made of gotta, pearl string, and kiran. This provides a fuller effect of covering the groom’s face and guarantees that the evil eye is kept away. The beauty of this one lies in the gotta and pearl strings.

Floral sehras are extremely beautiful as well as fragrant, but they can also give sneezing fits to a groom who is sensitive to pollen. In that case, these sehras made up of gotta and kiran can make an equally attractive replacement.


5. 24 Carat Gold Sehra

Mrinalini Chandra launched this very first enamel sehra that comes with Jasmine flower motifs, plated with 24 K gold. She made sure to make a new icon for the traditional groom sehra by introducing a bit of elegance to it. 


6. Maharashtrian Grooms Sehra

Both the Marathi bride and groom carry a typical string of pearls or flowers around their heads on their wedding day, just like the South Indian grooms. Marathi sehra is known as “Pheta” and is a must-have wedding accessory for couples during their wedding.


We hope you liked every design of the groom’s sehra that we mentioned above. Make sure to tell us which one stole your heart!