6 Types Of Trending Blouse Sleeves – Wedamor

We devote a lot of attention to the blouse neckline, embroidery, design, etc. when it comes to blouses, but what about the focus on the sleeves?

Let’s introduce a whole bunch of excitement to the designs of the blouse sleeves and establish a chic and modern twist to conventional looks. 2020 is all about getting creative and adding a bit of drama to your sleeves.

Nowadays, popular designers are creating sleeves that are just awesome! It is fair to say that this wedding season, it is the sleeves that are completely in trend. Sheer sleeves, ruffled sleeves, trim sleeves, puff sleeves and even cold shoulder sleeves with trendy cut-outs go with your outfits beautifully.

We have always brought the right ones together just for you. So, scroll over and pick your favorite!

1. Puff Sleeves

The puffed style is a part of the trends of the early 90s to 80s romanticism. The puffed blouse design is the attractive choice to throw back a modern aesthetic look, as it adds an effervescent charm. From enhancing a basic outfit to making sure you look the best on your wedding day, dramatized puff sleeve blouses are a design you’ll have to try for the upcoming function.


2. Fringes Sleeves

Fringe is another trend that you might try with blouse sleeve styles. Fringes curtain your shoulders and sway as you move to look super-chic. They give your blouse the unique touch it required. Most of the fringe blouses are beaded, but brides can also go for a silk threaded fringe to give it some stiffness and make sure it’s not all over the place. A detailing fringe will give your lehenga a complete designer look.


3. Box Sleeves

They are not different from bell sleeves but you will not find a flutter here! The blouses with boxy sleeves are in a rather stable place and do not show any glare and pomp as you can see in the image below. You can see that the sleeves are incredibly loose and are best for summer and spring seasons. This blouse’s simplicity is its greatest quality.


4. Faux Feathers Sleeves

Faux feathers create a stunning bottom lining of a lehenga or jacket, but it also provides an attractive option for the sleeves. These feathers and fur enhance a blouse’s extravagance and contribute to the pomp and the style. They are an epic touch graced upon us by designers such as Falguni and Shane Peacock and Manish Malhotra who made it a large part of their bridal collections.


5. Multi-Layered Frilled Bell Sleeves Design

The trend is dominated by the frills and bell sleeves blouse style, but it’s certainly a beautiful pattern to try at least once in your life. They are the perfect way to add some fun and a tinge of the trend to your bridal blouse sleeves. In addition, make sure the sleeves are long and not short. This will definitely set it apart from your usual sleeve design.


6. Bell Sleeves

The concept of the Bell sleeves is highly fashionable. If you get it stitched for a wedding occasion, choose to go for this stunning sleeve pattern infusion with the embroidery work on the border. This bell design sleeve is simple at the armhole and flared at the edge of the hem. The type of fabric must be considered very seriously for this sleeve design. Bell sleeves blouse requires an additional piece of fabric to stitch at the blouse shoulder-line area.


So, these were the top 6 trending blouse sleeves that we have compiled for you. Please tell your favorite in the comments section below.