7 Best Food Caterers in Delhi You Can Consider For Your Wedding

Best Food Caterers in Delhi

In India, wedding is a not just wedding but it’s a festival and its glory lies in three things: the venue, the decor and the food. And we know that food has the ability to cast a strong impression on the tongue as well as on the mind of the guests. Choosing the food for your wedding may seem like an afterthought at first compared to choosing the dress and the venue, but the food served at your wedding is the centrepiece of your entire day. Often three courses are served for the wedding breakfast, and as your first meal as man and wife you want it to be one to remember.

Not only do you have your loved ones who are attending the wedding to impress, but you must also choose a meal which both you and your partner are completely satisfied with to ensure the perfect meal. Indian food is famously diverse, spanning from spicy and tantalising to creamy and delicious, with a range of gorgeous vegetarian options forming the foundation of Indian food, which is perfect for the dietary requirements on the day. So, here we present you the 7 Best Food Caterers in Delhi You Can Consider For Your Wedding.

Best Food Caterers in Delhi:

1. The Kitchen Art Company:

Puneet Sikand came to Delhi with the vision of changing the face of the food after working as a chef in various kitchens of the world. He has got all the fancy skills that will leave an impression on your guests for lifetime.

Contact detail: The Kitchen Art Company

2. Tandoori Nights:

A catering company that loves to serve their guests flavoursome food. This company has been delivering their amazing services to their clients since 1996. They are happy to customise their menu as per the taste of the clients.

Contact: Tandoori Nights

3. Feeding Concepts:

This catering service not only serves on your wedding but also they are famous for organising theme-based mehendi, sangeet and cocktail nights too.

Contact: Feeding Concepts

4. Eleven Course (Best Food Caterers in Delhi):

Eleven Course is known for their extensive experience as well as their wide range of food and cocktails. Their dedicated team helps the couples to customize a unique menu as per their specifications. They are also known for creating traditional dishes with a modern and creative twist.

Contact: Eleven Course

5. Seasons Catering:

Seasons Kitchen offers an amalgamation of Indian and international cuisines served with spectacular presentations. They offer the best of their catering services for all kinds of occasions and events.

6. Saltt:

If you want to serve traditional dishes to your guests with an international touch, Saltt can do that for you. They do injustice to the authenticity of the food and present it in such a beautiful manner that your guests won’t be able to resist even a single dish.

Contact: Saltt

7. XO Catering by Design:

From the non-conformists to the traditionalists, Amit Puri’s catering company, XO, can create a special menu for every kind of wedding. They know how to cook local cuisines like Awadhi and Kashmiri with authenticity and international cuisine like Thai and Italian without altering its genuineness.

Contact: XO Catering by Desing

Verdict for Best Food Caterers in Delhi:

These are the top 7 Best Food Caterers in Delhi You Can Consider For Your Wedding can help you to create a special wedding menu that will leave your guests with amazing food memories. Indian weddings celebrate the concept of two families coming together, and act out a range of rituals and traditions to showcase the union of two said families. Opting for a lavish menu of Indian delicacies designed to be shared and enjoyed as a collective is the perfect way to cement this concept, and bring everyone even closer on the big day.

Choosing great wedding food is not just a bonus on your special day, but in our eyes is truly essential, for few other areas showcase a celebration like pulling out all of the stops when it comes to the food at your fabulous Indian wedding. Give your guests what they want, that is, good time and good food!