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Accessories are a girl’s best friend. They can help to refresh a boring style and can also be the best gift for your pretty friends. And as you take on a new journey of life, celebrating new relationships, finding unique and fun accessories are a must-have. From beautiful bags to customized jewelry, choose something that goes well with your style along with being an amazing add-on in the collection of your bridesmaids.


These days wedding ceremonies are nothing like boring family events, instead, they are full-on fun and dance. Not forgetting the cultural and traditional ceremonies, we have a way of making every event interesting and full-of-life. With these preparations, finding the perfect set of accessories for quirky brides and bridesmaids is not as easy as it seems. So, here are few ideas to help you choose:

Bridal and Bridesmaids Accessories

Pouches or Kits


Girls like to have matching jewelry for every outfit. From the right pair of earrings to the mang tikka, everything has to go well with the outfit. So, to keep this entire collection safe in one place, special customized and personalized kits and pouches are a must-have. These days the cloth ones with names embroidered or small suitcase like kits are available all over the internet. Go, find your perfect one!

Robes or Shrugs

Having all your bridesmaids wearing similar robes or shrugs, twinning with you in style can get the best after-party photographs. They come in quirky colors with initials for a personalized touch.

Badges and Sashes

You can get special bridal and bridesmaids sashes and badges made for the wedding ceremony. Even for other functions, these can add-on as a fun element for all the ‘ladke and ladki wale’.



Tiaras come in various designs, from floral to sequence work and from fresh flowers to personalized. Choose the one that goes with your outfits or wear the same one to become the perfect squad for your special day.


These are the times of making everything personalized. It goes the same with your footwear. So, styling beautiful jutis or heels with bridal and your friend’s outfits will fill your wardrobe with colors.


Brooches are the new in-thing. From ones available for jackets, jeans, kurtis and tops, the varieties are innumerable and hence, you can get the perfect one too.

Personalized Clutches

How can we forget the most important item, for all the gifts to go in, your beautiful clutches? These days resin and wooden clutches along with beautiful potli bags are available all over the market. So, choose the ones that match the bridal and squad outfits to twin for your Instagram stories.



Personalized pendants are another beautiful creation and a new fashion add-on these days. From your initials to your photos or squad names, you can get anything carved. You all can wear it together, showing your love and the strong bond you share. It can be a part of your memories of the good-old-days.

So, these are some ideas you can go ahead with, choosing the ones that are most useful and stylish for you and your squad. As quirky as you may like and as simple as you may want it to be, these are a perfect blend of everything. Along with these, you might want to wander around and search the internet to find some other amazing ideas.

Other accessories can include, personalized sippers, headgears, bracelets, anklets, rings, phone covers, laptop bags, and many more. All you need is something that goes well for your squad. It might be something useful in your wedding or even something that is just a sign of your happy times together. So, choose wisely! Happy Shopping!