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Yellow Lehenga Ideas That Will Make You Go Wow – Wedamor

Yellow is the go-to choice for Haldi. But now the times are changing, and brides are mixing things up a bit. Choosing pinks and oranges for Haldi and wearing pastel yellow for the wedding is the new normal. Whatever be the event, we have to agree that yellow is a happy and vibrant colour for […]

Zodiac Signs Compatible With Each Other – Wedamor

Whether you believe in what’s written in the stars or not, there’s no doubting the fact that knowing about what your sun sign means can make for vague amusement and a few great laughs. When it comes to wedding business, often your parents rush to astrologers to get your zodiac signs checked. It is to […]

Weddings In Diversity – Cultures In Various States Of India – Wedamor

Weddings and marriages are celebrated as a one fine grand festival in India. They are enjoyed with high enthusiasm and energy. It is the most special occasion for all the relatives and family members to come together and enjoy. Indian weddings are full of customs and rituals. There are different rituals in different parts of […]

Why Aadyaa Should Be Your Choice For Elegant Silver Jewelry? – Wedamor

It is well-known that the Indian bridal jewelry is meant to grab everyone’s attention. If it doesn’t have the visual appeal or an intricate design, it’s not worth investing your money. Jewelry is considered to be a mixture of cultural and spiritual essence. This is the reason why in a woman’s life, the actual beauty […]

Why Is It Important To Be Friends Before A Couple? – Wedamor

It is said that friendship is the foundation of any relationship. And when that relationship is a romantic one, friendship is the key supporter. It is said that friendship is the secret if you want a long-lasting relationship. So here are some reasons why you need to be best friends before you become a couple. […]

Wedding Photography Poses for Couples – Wedamor

  The wedding day is the foremost vital days in one’s life. It is considered as the most significant event. When years and years go by, the worth of the wedding day stays the same. Yet as human memory dies, captured memories that have been stolen do not. The wedding album which reminds everyone of […]

These Wedding Pictures of Brides With Their Siblings Will Melt Your Heart

Adorable wedding pictures are every bride’s dream. After the hustle and bustle of the wedding, these pictures let you reminisce about the special day! Especially if they are pictures of your family and loved ones, they are all the more memorable! Weddings are an emotional time for the siblings of the bride. No more living […]

Wedding Game Ideas That Your Guests Will Love – Wedamor

Dance and games is what makes weddings fun. They let your guests to know each other and make way for bonding amongst relatives on both sides. There are many easy, super fun game ideas perfect for almost all pre-wedding events. We have collated here for you some of the popular ideas.  Source Him Or Her […]

Wedding Inspiration From Bollywood Movie Moments

Does Bollywood inspire weddings or is vice-versa? We believe Bollywood has been the major source of inspiration for all the big fat weddings for so many years. It is not surprising since Bollywood and Indian marriages share some similar patterns- Larger than life, dramatic and sentimental to say how it has influenced the weddings in […]

Wedding Not So Royal Not Less Than Royal – A Wedding From Bihar – Wedamor

A wedding is the most auspicious part of one’s life. From every part of the world to every religion it is celebrated. Every religion has there own ritual which is undoubtedly the best part of weddings. Here I am not only going to discuss the wedding of Bihar and their ritual but also the fact […]

Want a Designer Replica Lehenga? 9 Points You Need To Keep In Mind – Wedamor

Getting married to the love of your life at your dream venue with all your loved ones, it just can’t get better. With the mesmerizing decor and mouth-watering food, the stunning lighting brightening the whole area, it is time to enter the new phase of life. A phase that is beautiful yet has its own […]

Wedding On The Cards? Here’s Wedamor’s Guide to Best Traditional Wear

 Picking a perfect outfit for a bride can be quite tedious. The wedding dress for a bride has to be unique, attractive and more importantly, fulfilling for the bride. Each and every outfit the bride wears has to be captivating and graceful. If you are a bride-to-be racking your brain about the perfect attire for […]

Adorable Ideas For Your Wedding Day Nails – Wedamor

So you’ve decided the outfit, shoes, the hairstyle, makeup and it’s time for the final touches. Wedding nails are not only for the bride but also for the bridesmaid or even the wedding guests. Awesome Ideas For Your Wedding Day Nails For the sole purpose of you not having to spend 5 hours online on finalizing the […]

Unique Indian Wedding Gifting Ideas That Your Guests Will Love – Wedamor

As the wedding season arrives, there is a new vibe of fun and cheer all around. Everybody wants to take time off from their monotonous life and live some precious and memorable moments. They want to enjoy the wedding of their loved ones fully. With the expectation of having lots of fun, getting together, there […]

Unique Nose Ring Designs for the Modern Indian Brides – Wedamor

Weddings are the biggest celebration of love and family with being an essential part of our culture. No matter which country or culture you belong to, traditions are a way to come together, enjoy precious family time and be grateful for it. So when we talk about Indian weddings, these traditions are the essence of […]

Unusual & Quirky Lehenga Designs – Wedamor

Lehenga is the attire of choice in a majority of Indian weddings. Even South India brides have started adorning lehengas for their pre-wedding events or reception. As a bride or as a bridesmaid, you are always on the lookout for ideas to put a twist on the usual lehenga designs. And that is where we […]

Trendy Dupatta Styles For The Modern Bride – Wedamor

As an Indian bride, you will need to wear dupattas for one or more of your wedding-related events. It is a crucial part of your attire which is going to appear in every photo of yours that is taken. So you need to ensure that you have styled it in the best possible way. Gone […]

Ultimate Guide To Be A Perfect Bridesmaid – Wedamor

When a girl is getting married more than her, the best friend is excited. Do you know the reason? The reason for the excitement is because you get to wear new clothes and you have a chance to have a lot of fun. But with this fun and excitement comes the huge responsibility of bridesmaids.  […]

Traditional Outfit Inspiration From Bollywood Celebs For Men!

Bollywood has been a major source of inspiration for weddings be it any category like outfits, accessories, decor, theme, and lots more. While we have always talked about how the Bollywood actresses have inspired us to be it their outfits or jewelry like CHOKER but Bollywood actors are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to […]

Trending Blouse Designs That You Need To Look At! – Wedamor

Be it a lehenga or a saree, you will inevitably end up wearing many blouses during your wedding ceremonies. The styling of a blouse can change the entire look of the outfit. A collared, half-sleeved blouse will give off a sophisticated vibe whereas a sweetheart neckline with colourful tassels makes you look fun and playful.  […]

Trending Mehendi Deisgns For 2020 Brides – Wedamor

No matter what the event it is considered a good omen to draw mehndi patterns on hands and feet. Especially for a girl who would soon get married, it is very important. There are plenty of different and beautiful Mehandi designs you can try on your hands but when it comes to your Mehandi wedding […]

Trending Phoolon Ki Chaadar Ideas For Ultimate Bridal Entry – Wedamor

People say that on their wedding day a bride looks best at her radiant. The bridal entrance may be a small part of the ritual, but it is a decades-old tradition and has a deep nostalgic sense. Originally, the phoolon ki chaadar was intended to ward off evil eyes and keep the bride looking her […]

Top 6 Most Favorite Wedding Venues in Punjab – Wedamor

We all wish for the arrival of the most anticipated day of our life – the wedding day. So when it comes to having a grand marriage in Punjab, the options are endless. The first step is a list of the best wedding venues in Punjab to find a place that meets your standards. But […]

Top Choreographers from across India to rock your Sangeet – Wedamor

Weddings are the perfect time when the whole family gets together and enjoys. Cousins and relatives, who haven’t met for so long, actually take out the time from their own lives. With the fast-moving world, it gets difficult for everyone to meet and spend time with each other. People usually are so busy in their […]