Perfect Accessories For The Wedding Day

Accessories For The Wedding Day

For your wedding day make something special as everyone wants to look best on this day. To make your D-day the most special day of your life we have come up with this unique styling and accessorising ideas so that you look the most beautiful on the best day of your life. A wedding is a pious ceremony where two souls are united in marriage.

Ladies, you need not be worried about wearing the same style and same genre of accessories this wedding season for we have something which is unique and at the same time in fashion. These ideas of accessories for the wedding day will surely help you stand apart from the crowd.

We know how much this day means to you and therefore we want you to look the very best that you can and just enjoy every moment of this special day!

Here are some unique ideas to help you stand out from the crowd on your Wedding Day

1. Not your standard bobby pins 

Bobby pin (also known as a hair grip or kirby grip in the United Kingdom) is a type of hairpin, usually made of plastic or metal, used in coiffure to hold the hair in its place. It is a double-pronged small hair pin or clip that slides into the hair with the fork or prongs open and then the flexible prongs close over the hair to hold it in its place. They are typically plain and unobtrusively coloured, but some of them are elaborately decorated or jewelled. Bobby pins became very popular in the 1920s to hold the then-new bobbed hairstyles. Style the bobby pins with a twist of colour and match it with your outfit to make your wedding day the most special day of your life.

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2. Floral Crown

Yes, we all are so darn obsessed with flower crowns. But why? Besides the fact that flower crowns have been a symbol of fertility, love and celebration throughout history and all around the world, they’re also very easy to personalise. Go as over-the-top or as simple as you want to – from beautiful oversized flowers to a few simple yet elegant green sprigs and mini spray roses. You can have your flower girls wear mini-crowns, create unique ones for each bridesmaid, or ask your hairstylist about incorporating one into your own hairstyle. So, make yourself stand out with a floral crown among our ideas accessories for the wedding day.

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3. Hair Tie and bead 

A hair tie adds to the necessary balance in the look. A hair tie combined with the beaded trend makes a new perspective for styling. It highlights the fact that it is your most favourite day and the fact that you are nothing less than a princess for the same day. It also works wonders when clicking photographs. Ideally, hair tie and beads fashion are mostly seen on runways but over the years this has been a part of various Indian weddings as well. Indian brides look stunning adorning this unique blend of simplicity and decorations. Therefore, for this reason, it is a must-have for your D-day.

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4. Modern beads twist 

Accessorise your hair with the various fashionable beaded ornaments. Use voluminous or simple, whatever be your style suit yourself and experiment with it. Make your hair accessories the focal point of your wedding day. Style it in different patterns, colours and textures of beads to get that perfect blend of simplicity and elegance.

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