When you are invited to a wedding, the first question that you have to deal with is what will you gift them? If they have a gift registry, well and good, but otherwise you have to come up with something on your own. Tired of gifting crockery or a crystal set that will just be re-gifted by the couple at the next marriage? We have here for you some options which every couple is sure to cherish.

How gift registry can help you to get the gift you want


Couple Portrait

Gifting portraits is a lot simpler now with the help of digital paintings. All you need is a good photo of the couple. It can be easily turned into a cute, caricature style drawing. Get it framed and you have gotten yourself a gift which the couple is sure to treasure. 


Subscription To Their Favourite Things

This can be customized according to the couple’s interests. If they are fitness freaks then you can get them monthly subscriptions to cold brew coffee or gourmet green tea. If they are wine lovers, you can order them a bimonthly wine box or a bool box for the bibliophile couple.


Passes To Cooking Classes

Are the newlyweds also new to cooking? Then you can get them passes to a basic cooking class. This will make cooking an activity that they can enjoy together. On the other hand, you can get them passes to a baking class. They will be thankful to you every time they decide to cook together. 

Give the Bride and Groom a Cooking Class


A Memory Box

A monogrammed box where they can store all the bits and pieces from their big day and also from their life together. If they are the kind of people who love to save things like ticket stubs and boarding passes, then this will be a gift that speaks to them. 


Membership Cards

You can get them a membership for something that you know that they will be able to enjoy together. It could be anything from a Netflix gift card to entry pass to an art museum or even their favourite restaurant chain. As long as you give them access to something that they are genuinely interested in, they are sure to like the gift. 


Cool Gadgets

It is very likely that anyone getting married now is going to be tech-savvy. Gifting them something like the Amazon Echo will be a great addition to their new home. It will help them get organised, play music and shows and manage their new household easily. Other options can be a Bluetooth speaker or an Amazon Firestick or a Chromecast using which they can binge-watch shows together. 



A Spa Retreat

After the hectic wedding planning, the couple is going to need to unwind and relax. How better to do it than at a spa retreat? If you know where they are honeymooning, then you can book something there. This is something that they are going to love you for. 

Spa Couples Room


Gift Box

There are gift boxes which you can order online for the couple. You also get customisable options to choose from. They usually offer something monogrammed, candles, creams, Mr. & Mrs. robes or mugs. Most of the things can be easily used by the couple and this is a sensible gifting option. 

Basket Wedding Gift Card Holder


Polaroid Camera

There is something special about having a hardcopy of a photo with you. Nothing quite compares to that. With this camera, the couple can capture all their important moments easily.


We hope that we have solved the gift dilemma for the next few weddings that you are going to attend. Let us know your favorites in the comments.