Anarkali Suit is an outfit that has never gone out of trend ever since it came in vogue. The modern time designers took inspiration from the outfits worn by women during Mughal and Persian period back then. This is how Anarkali Suits came in trend.

The Anarkali Suits are so versatile that it flatters every body type. No matter if you anyone is slim, fat, short or tall, every girl looks just perfect in the Anarkali Suit. Let’s find out which style of Anarkali suits will look best on you.

Here Are the Anarkali  Suits For All Body Types

The versatile Anarkalis look good on almost all women and anyone can wear it. Check out these Anarkali Suits to know which one will fit you the best.


Anarkali Suits

Image Source: Indiamart

If you are tall like Deepika Padukone or Dia Mirza, the best style for you will be contrasting the colors. You may try floor length party-wear Anarkali, or a simple silk Anarkali. Everything will work for you. Lucky you!


Try a suit which does not have so much flare. You may drown in that. For the color part, prefer Anarkali which is monochromatic. Monochromes make you appear taller. Also, do wear peep toes or sandals to complete the look.

Rectangular Body

Anarkali Suits

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Rectangular body means the body that is more of a straight line. The hips and waist are of the same size. The women with the rectangular body type like Anushka Sharma should opt for an Anarkali suit that has a lot of kalis or ghera so that the curves are added by the gheras.

For the neckline, go for deep ones to nail the look.

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Hourglass Body

Hourglass body means hips and busts are of the same size with a tiny waist. Women with an hourglass figure like Priyanka Chopra can experiment with all kinds of Anarkalis due to their ideal figure. Long, short, anarkalis with a lot of flare, everything looks good on them.

For the neckline part, Plunging neckline and high necklines look the best on hourglass body.

Pear-Shaped Body

Anarkali Suits

Image Source: LadyIndia

Pear-shaped body means a body with broad hips and thighs and smaller waist and shoulders like that of Katrina Kaif. For all the ladies out there who have a pear-shaped body should opt for A-line Anarkalis.

Since you have a broad lower portion, try to balance it by wearing contrast, that is a dark shade on the lower part (kalis) and a light shade on the upper part of the body.

The best necklines for you will be boat neck and V-neck.

Apple Shaped Body

Apple-Shaped body means larger busts and shoulders with smaller hips. Women with an Apple-shaped body like that of Vidya Balan can opt for A-line Anarkalis. Make sure to choose an Anarkali that has a wide border at the hemline.

V-shaped neckline will look great on this body type while necklines like boat-neck, high-neck should be avoided at all cost.

Anarkali Suits are a much comfortable outfit than the Sarees or lehengas. They can be worn in every occasion from smaller functions like Engagement to bigger functions like Wedding (exception: bride).

You can choose from a variety of Anarkali Suits like Party-wear or Simple depending on the occasion. But make sure you choose the one that is meant for your body type so that you look drop-dead gorgeous even in an outfit as chic as Anarkali.

If you found the article helpful, give your suggestions in the comments section below and let us know which style Anarkali suit fits your body type.