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Brides Of India: The Maharashtrian/Marathi Brides

The local or indigenous culture of the city is represented by the Marathi people. So let’s have some glimpse of the Maharashtrian/Marathi Brides candid photos covered by some talented photographers during some Maharashtrian wedding photo shoots.

Brides Of India: Gujarati Brides

They have a unique tradition of two-saree-wear, the “Panetar” and “Gharchola”. On the day of the marriage, the bride drapes herself in a Panetar sari, which is given as a gift from the maternal uncle. Whereas the Gharchola is given by her in-laws which is a sign of acceptance of the bride into a new home. 

Brides Of India: Brides From Rajasthan Weddings

Rajasthan has been known as the royal and princely state of India due its magnificent ancient forts and palaces which have made the state into a favourite place for destination weddings. The state is also famous for brave Rajput warrior kings who fought against the Mughals and British rule in India. The Rajasthani brides usually wear lehengas as their main dress for the wedding day. So let’s look at some a short collection of Brides from Rajasthan weddings.

Brides Of India-Sikh Brides

Well, who can deny the beauty of the Sikhnis? When wearing a Patiala suit she portrays the look of a charming “desi girl”. Her face brightens when she dons a turban. So then why not check some short collection of Wedamor’s Sikh Brides. Image Source: Rohan Mishra Photography Image Source: Katia Peshakova’s Photography Image Source: … read more

A collection of Pre-Wedding Moments

Without a pre-wedding photoshoot, try to remember her first cup of cappuccino “perfectly brewed “for you, a photo of his first dance move only to woo you!!

Brides Of India: The South Indian Beauties

Most of us think about North Indian women when it comes to Indian brides beauty. Well, here we are here to present some charming yet simple South Indian Beauties.

Well, how can we ignore the South when it has given India the Miss World 1994- Aishwarya Rai, actresses like Shruti Haasan, Hema Malini, and Rekha-the evergreen beauty of Bollywood etc.

Brides Of India: The Undiscovered Beauty Of Muslim Indian Brides

Who said that Muslim beauties are just restricted to the middle east part of the world. The photo shoots not only show the Muslim brides but also how Indian Muslim weddings are different from other Muslim weddings.

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