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Planning Your Wedding

Planning your wedding is probably among the most exciting (and at the same time, daunting) tasks you will ever do in your life. Reputable wedding planners say that preparing for your big day will take up a lot of your resources – time, effort and money.

How to Avoid Mistakes When Planning Your Wedding?

When planning your wedding, mistakes are inevitable. But being aware of such mistakes can help you avoid them from the get-go. Take note of these common wedding planning mistakes to make sure that your walk down the aisle will be perfect.

Planning Your Wedding

1) Doing Anything Without Your Guest List

You are so excited to plan for your big day. You cannot wait to get the ball rolling with booking your venue, tasting cakes and choosing your flowers. But hold on – building your guest list is one of the most crucial factors that go into wedding planning. It determines most of the other wedding elements – from the ceremony arrangements to the catering bill.

So before you do anything, you need to create your wedding guest list. You can move forward once you have discussed the numbers with your spouse-to-be and both families. You can immediately decide what kind of atmosphere you want your wedding to have. You don’t want to book a venue that cannot hold everyone or pay for lots of unused, empty spaces.

2) Overloading Your Mom’s To-Do List

Often, you turn to a cherished family member – typically, your mother – to make things go smoothly as planned. Surely, she will be happy to help you, but don’t forget that she also came to celebrate with you.

Before assigning tasks to your mom, consider splitting jobs among a large group of people – cousins, aunts, and friends. They will certainly be happy to help you, and this is an excellent way to include more people in your celebration. But if you are worried about losing track, you can create a to-do list and note who will take on which job. Make sure to check in with every person at some point before checking the task off your list.

If your budget permits, it is a smart choice for you to hire a professional wedding coordinator to help you plan for your big day. They are the experts when it comes to ensuring that everything gets done on time and on budget.

Having these experts by your side will also help you decide what tasks you will be in charge of and what you can hand off. In fact, getting help from wedding experts is more affordable than you think. Besides, you can never put a price tag on alleviating the kind of stress attached to planning a wedding.

3) Blowing Your Budget

Setting a budget for your wedding can be a nightmare, but this does not necessarily mean that you have to elope. If you have underestimated some of your expenses, don’t panic. Instead, come up with a constructive solution with your fiancé. For instance, you can give up some items or trade one for another.

4) Choosing the Wrong Dress

Planning Your Wedding

One of the most exhausting tasks you will do as a bride is shop for your wedding gown, but you avoid letting the stress get you down. There are some tips that will help you find the best dress that would make you the most radiant and stunning bride.

Choose a gown that fits your current body, and not the one that you want to have. This way, you don’t have to lose 20-25 pounds in just a couple of months to squeeze into the dress. If you choose the right size, you will have a dress that will highlight your best features.

Keep your budget in mind. If you don’t have enough funds for a tailor-made dress, you can visit local shopping centers to find a ready-to-wear gown that is just as gorgeous.

Choose a design and color that suits you. Do not force yourself to buy one that you do not like. Wearing a white gown is not your only option; you can also opt for neutral colors like cream or beige, or even go all-out with a floral patterned gown if you wish.

5) Not Hiring a Videographer

Most brides think that they don’t need a videographer because they already hired a photographer. It is important to have high-quality wedding pictures, but photos can’t capture the voices, mannerisms and gestures of your loved ones.

With an expert wedding planner and videographer, everything that will happen on your special day will be recorded. On your big day, you can sit back and enjoy, knowing that seasoned professionals will capture all the special moments that will happen in every corner of the venue. You will also have a video that you can watch wherever and whenever you want that will let you re-experience your wedding in the future.

Putting your wedding together is certainly not a walk in the park. If you are not careful, you may end up making lots of mistakes, which can make your special day less enjoyable. So make sure to steer clear of these common mistakes so you can have the perfect wedding you have always dreamt of.