Bad habits Brides to be must say goodbye to for a Natural Glowing Look

Bad Habits Brides to be

Yeah, we all have a few bad habits and they certainly are the easiest to love. Show some love to yourself too, and quit these few bad habits brides-to-be need to get rid of, to get a glowing, dewy and oh so sexy skin…

Bad Habits Brides to Be Should Avoid

D-day has arrived and definitely, you wanna look your best. You got the best outfit, the best makeup and the best hairstyle – all in order. But, my dear and darling brides – to – be, all that can go in vain if you have a skin that looks like it has been hung out to dry. What goes inside, shows up on the inside.

1) Smoking

The noxious tobacco smoke can cause your skin to literally die. It blocks the capillaries supplying the skin and causes decreased blood flow and oxygen supply degrading the collagen. It causes yellowing of the nails, discolored teeth, facial wrinkles and furrows, acne, baggy eyelids, slack jawline and premature skin ageing. Dry skin is also an outcome, as the heat from cigarettes directly burns the skin, reducing the Vitamin A levels and strips it off the moisture

2) Alcohol

It comes with a lot of misconceptions. Yes, it does dry out the skin but no, drinking plenty of water after enjoying your favorite drink won’t return it to its glowing moisturized state. Alcohol causes inflammation throughout the body and skin, and including dehydration, it also causes dullness, enlarged pores, discoloration, sagging, fine lines, and lack of resilience. If you do happen to indulge in it, make sure you have green veggies, foods rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B complex.

3) Sleeping With Makeup On

Yeah, my little angel, you may be exhausted after work or after partying till late in the evening but all you gotta do is muster up the will and strength to wash that makeup off. I’ll tell you why.

  1. The makeup can trap dust and other pollutants, inside the skin, which can cause collagen degradation over time.
  2. It clogs pores leading to acne.
  3. It hinders the natural renewal of skin cells and can cause a duller, dry and coarse complexion.
  4. All the mascara, eye shadow, eyeshadow, etc can cause inflammation and itchiness around the eyes.

Bad Habits Brides to be4) Less Sleep

is the time when the body heals, renews and eliminates toxins from the skin. When sleep is inadequate, the body’s ability to carry out these functions is also disturbed. Less sleep can lead to collagen deformation and increases cortisone (stress hormone) levels that can lead to acne. It can cause puffy eyes and dark circles. All these factors later lead to premature skin ageing.

Bad Habits Brides to be

5) Trashy Dieting

Okay, okay I get it that you are aiming to get a bomb figure by your wedding day and you want to follow a great crash (read trash) diet. You are gonna cut all the essential fats and carbohydrates. Don’t! Fats are important components of our diet. The skin uses them to form a  waterproof barrier. The Omega-6 fatty acids promote healthy skin growth, while Omega-3 helps to prevent dry skin. It also includes plenty of Vitamin C and Vitamin E to protect your sun damage.

Bad Habits Brides to be

Good skin not only affects how you look but also how you feel. These are lifestyle changes which not only will make you look better but better as a whole. For your special day, make yourself feel special by quitting these bad habits.



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