Avoid the Most Common Wedding Day Mistakes and the Bridezilla Trap – Wedamor

These days, brides-to-be don’t have it easy. For whatever reason, young ladies who are about to say their faithful “I do” often miss the enjoyment of it all simply by trying to manage everything on their own. That kind of a Bridezilla attitude won’t do and there’s no reason for things to be that way. Your wedding day is your special moment and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. But, in order for this day to be truly special and for you to have fun, it’s important that you delegate the responsibilities before the actual wedding and deal with the usual stress-triggering tasks in time.

1. Failing to discuss everything properly with your photographer

It’s not uncommon for brides to get really stressed out on their wedding day as they notice that the photographer is not taking the photos the way they want them to. But, if you think about it, a photographer cannot read your mind and if you don’t give them the specifics, they’ll do their job by default. So, if you want to avoid this particular mistake as well as the stress it may cause, make it a point to discuss everything you want to get from your wedding photographs with the photographer before the actual wedding day.

2. Torturing yourself and your body with crash dieting

Unfortunately, crash wedding diets have become a kind of trend, but this trend is extremely bad and can cause many hardships. If you starve yourself before the wedding, when you have plenty of tasks to deal with, the consequences can affect your wedding day negatively a lot more than a couple of extra pounds. Not eating properly means that you’ll feel weak and irritated all the time. You can compromise your health for the wedding day. And feeling starved on the big day can seriously ruin your mood for the entire event. If you want to change your figure, do it slowly and gradually, with a healthy and balanced diet as well as physical activity.

3. Doing your hair and makeup on your own

Unless you’re truly 100% confident in your makeup skills, it would be infinitely better and wiser to try out different looks, shades and makeup brands well before the wedding day.

There are so many things to consider such as your skin type and tone as well as the weather. For instance, you may need to opt for waterproof and long-wearing products if you live in a warm climate such as Australia. And, thankfully, it’s easy to find Makeup & Hair artist from Sydney with just a quick online search so that you can book appointments, try out different makeup and hair styles and confidently pick something you like best. This will minimize the stress for your wedding day considerably. After all, why try to be a Bridezilla in this case as well, when you definitely have the right to pamper yourself a little.  

4. Failing to attend to your guests’ needs

If you try to do everything yourself, it’s only natural that you’ll miss some important things. More often than not, taking the measures to ensure that all the guests who are arriving from a different place to your wedding destination are well taken care of can easily be forgotten. By delegating different tasks, you’ll have more time and energy for other important tasks – which is providing all the essentials and accommodation to the friends and family arriving from afar to celebrate your wedding.

5. Not being with your significant other

Don’t be a Bridezilla who has to make sure everything is perfectly fine on your wedding day. This will drive you crazy, stress you out and make you miss some important moments with your spouse. It’s perfectly fine to check up on the guests from time to time but also make sure that you’re having a good time with your spouse, too! After all, this is a big day for both of you and it’s important to have special moments for yourselves on this joyous occasion.

Keep in mind that you’re not a slave to your wedding but a star of it! In that respect, it’s perfectly fine to ask for help and organize yourself in a way that would allow you to get things done but still have fun with it all!