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From head to toe, there shouldn’t be anything missing. When it’s the most important day of your life, you need to take care of everything beforehand. Planning it in advance, you can make sure that nothing is left out. After checking the list of your makeup and other things for your face, another thing you need to take care is your hands. After your face, the part that gets the most attention on your wedding day is your hands. Here are some ways to beautify your hands on your big day:


beautify your hands

Henna is something that is a must for an Indian Bride. It is applied on the Bride’s hand in most of the cultures in India. In fact, the mere application of henna is celebrated as one of the functions before the wedding day. You should apply henna for completing your bridal look though you must take care that the henna being used is of good quality and leaves a beautiful stain. You can also choose from a varied set of designs available. For example, if you want it simple go for Arabian designs, for heavy bridal designs you can go for Marwari designs.


beautify your hands

To beautify your hands on your wedding day, choose your rings according to your wedding dress. Don’t wear all the rings that you possess. Choose a large stone ring for the ring finger or the index finger that will attract looks to your hands as well. You can also go for colored gems matching your wedding attire. If you have a custom of wedding rings in your culture, make sure you leave that finger empty. Also, take care that your hands are not over accessorized so as to hide the wedding ring.

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beautify your hands

Haathphool is an accessory that consists of a bracelet and ring(s) connected by a chain. It is generally worn by brides in India, Pakistan, and a few Middle East countries. Undoubtedly, it adds on to your overall look. It’s a gorgeous idea to beautify your hands for your wedding day. It is available with a single ring if you want it light, and if you desire a heavy one, you can choose one that connects to five rings for five fingers. You can also order it in silver and get it polished in gold.


beautify your hands

In India, no bride is ever complete without bangles. It not only beautifies your hand but is supposed to be a sign of being married for the rest of your life. In accordance with its popularity, there are thousands of designs and varieties available to choose from. You can opt for the ever popular glass bangles or can choose from the metal bangles embellished with glitters and stones. If you have gold bangles, wear them on your wrists last after putting on all other bangles.

Nail Art


beautify your hands

How your nails look had always mattered, isn’t it? Then how can you miss it on your wedding day? If you want long nails, you will have to start early with it. Get a fine manicure of your choice. To add on to these normal things, you should get some beautiful nail art done matching your accessories. Gorgeous nails will definitely beautify your hands.

Arm Bracelet

beautify your hands

If your wedding dress has no sleeves or short sleeves, you must go for these upper armbands or bracelets. Even if your attire isn’t too ethnic, you can go for a simple bracelet. Otherwise, choose something with stones and embellishments on it. It’s your day and you deserve everything beautiful in the world!



beautify your hands

Yes, that’s totally necessary. When you go for face makeup, your face looks brighter. If you leave your arms just like that, you will get an uneven tone from that of your face. It doesn’t look good in that case. Therefore, make sure that you are pampering your hands as well. Get them waxed, bleached and a little make-up so as to brighten it up.

So, now you know what things you need to take care of when it comes to the look of your hands on your wedding day. Prepare your checklist and make sure that you get the best of all! Best Wishes!



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