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Brides of 2020 raised the bar for experimenting with wedding dresses that create a blend of fairy-tale beauty and dazzling color. In recent years, dip-dye gowns have pushed the boundaries of traditional wedding dresses. If you choose to wear a vibrant hue or you choose soft warm tones with a monochromatic palette, there is a dip-dye wedding dress that suits every character and theme. And actually they are pretty gorgeous. Some of our favorites are here.


Why This Trend?

The advantage of this trend is that the rest of the decor may get coordinated with your dress. The dress of a bride may be paired to the bouquet or the color scheme. Although dip dye looks stunning in only one color, multiple tones can be used as a gradient to create mesmerising effect. 


Below are a few fantastic ideas to make your white wedding gown a little colorful.

Instructions On How to Dip-Dye Your Wedding Gown

  1. Use a scrap piece of fabric to practice. Firstly, the practice provides you with an idea of how the fabric reacts to the dye. You will know about the timing and the amount of dye that is appropriate for the color you want.
  2. Select a dye that suits your dress fabric. Wedding dresses are mostly made of delicate materials, and many of them are only dry cleaned. You must use a dye that will not damage the fabric of your wedding gown. A dye such as Procion for example works for silk charmeuse, while RIT dye is not suggested for dry clean cloths.
  3. Fill a bucket with hot water. You can also use your sink, but dye can damage some good surface finish. So, it is easier with a disposable container that you don’t have to worry about.
  4. Add some oil of calsolene. The oil of calsolene contributes to even dyeing. 
  5. Add your dye to the water. Use a wooden painted stick to mix the mixture as it will be easier for you. 
  6. Add salt and vinegar. The vinegar acts as a protected silk fixer. It helps to permanently bond the Procion dye with the fabric. Baking Soda can be used as a silk fixer and soda ash is used on other fabrics. Salt helps the dyeing method by making the dye stick to the fabric. With every liter of water, add a cup of salt.
  7. Dip the dress in the dye from where you want the color to start. The gradated effect of dip-dyeing usually goes from light to dark. Keep the fabric in the dye for few minutes. As soon as the color changes, lift out the dress slowly. When you want a better color contrast— take bigger sections of your gowns— every five minutes. Each time you remove a part of the dress you can also apply a stronger dye solution to the water to further boost the color.
  8. Rinse your wedding gown in cold water.
  9. Wash your gown in warm water. Hang the gown and let it dry after washing.


If this trend isn’t for you, try a more subtle ombre wedding dress!

The ombre wedding dress has color gradation that blends into the natural dress. It can be deep colors, one color, a mixture of colors, or pale colors. It is generally an effect on the dress after it’s purchased or you will usually find the finished wedding dress on websites like Etsy.



If you are searching for wedding inspirations in Indian wear, Shyamal and Bhumika creations are for you! 



For instance, this purple ombre dress by Shyamal and Bhumika is perfect for your engagement function.