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dressing options

Anything less than perfect for the groom just wouldn’t do! If one thinks that the bride gets the larger share of the attention, they are wrong! Because you are the one who will shine from the top of the ghodi! Every pair of eyes will follow you on your wedding day, so make sure that your wardrobe is up to it and that you don’t disappoint with your classy yet cool style. If you are confused as to what to wear on your wedding day, then worry not, here are a few best dressing options for you to consider for your, grand day:

Dressing Options Pathani Coat 

dressing options

Talk about Indian weddings, and out of all the dressing options that come into your mind, the first one is the Pathani coat. Pathani coats are a brilliant way to add elegance and ample bling to your attire. They have an aura of dominance and speak “alpha” with their bold designs. Choose a lighter color such as silver, or gold as these go well with the occasion and will make you stand out in the sea of darker shades.

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dressing options

If you are looking for class, combined with comfort, then you can choose a tuxedo out of the various dressing options available Tuxedoes are really catching the imagination of wedding designers. Tailor-made tuxedoes that hug your shoulders nicely will ooze with style and make you look classic and set to rock on your wedding day. However, make sure that the tuxedo gels with the color and the attire your bride chooses for herself.

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Kurta Salwar

dressing options

This traditional Indian attire is super elegant and super comfortable. You cannot go wrong with the traditional Kurta Salwar. You also get the comfort to choose from various footwear options because this dress goes with almost every type of footwear, be it sandals or shoes. You can go for embroidered silk kurta and contrasting salwar, or wear an embroidered cotton kurta. Since there are ways that a kurta and salwar can be patterned and styled, you can opt for one that enhances your personality and speaks about you, even though all the glitter and lights of the wedding.

Jodhpuri Suit

dressing options

This traditional Indian version of the classy Western suit stands apart and goes well with the wedding occasion. Of all the wedding dressing options to choose from, this one is preferred by most Indian grooms. The colorful designs, embroidered coat and trousers make it a perfect wedding attire. Add embroidered, traditional shoes or ‘juti’ to own this look.


dressing options

Ever since Shahrukh Khan made young hearts skip a beat in this elegant attire, there has been no looking back for this traditional piece of wedding wear. Though the origin and the culture of the attire delicately chosen pattern and designs, when paired with a traditional pair of is controversial, but who cares? To look best is all that matters. Sherwanis also provide you with a whole lot of options within the category. jutis and a royal looking headgear, cannot go wrong in any way. So get ready to get all those eyes rolling! 

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dressing options

The definition of dhoti has totally changed over the years. It’s not only traditional but one of the most classic attires you can choose for your wedding. With the innovations in the genre, we bet you get the best of designs and styles to choose from. You can pair it up with a knee-length of a short kurta. Both enhance your looks in their own individual ways. If you are heading for wedding shopping, don’t forget to try one!

If you want to go all unique to make your day all the more special and memorable, experiment with mismatched color combinations as they too are a total hit this season.



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