10 Best Pagdi Styles Or Turbans For Indian Grooms

Gone are the days when the wedding day was all about the brides. Today, the bridegroom is also looked upon as the epitome of the splendour and beauty that the wedding day is. “Pagdi” or turban is one of the most important accessories that the bridegroom has to look for. It is a head wrap that was earlier used to signify the valour, strength, and integrity of the bridegroom.

10 Most Popular Turbans For Indian Grooms

Without losing its cultural significance, today the “pagri” has also become an important fashion statement. We bring before you the best “Pagdi” Styles or Turbans for Indian Grooms:-

1) The Rajasthani Turban

Turbans for Indian Grooms

The Rajasthani Turban is one of the most sought-after turbans for Indian Grooms. This is versatile as it creates a downward steep on the top of the turban. It gives away a feeling of height to the not so taller grooms. These turban styles for Indian grooms come in different materials and are also laden with a “kalgi”. This is nothing but a brooch placed in the middle or the sides of the turban. It surely adds a royal touch to the groom to complement the big day.

2) The Sikh Turban

The Sikhs are the community which is most often associated with turbans. The Sikh style of the turban is one of the simplest turbans for Indian Grooms. Since the Sikhs wear turbans as part of their everyday lives, the Sikh grooms decorate their turbans with small ornaments and use cute colours that complement their sherwani. This Sikh groom has the everyday turban style perfectly adjusted to match his wedding day.

3) The Velvet TurbanTurbans for Indian Grooms

Ideally, the turbans styles for Indian grooms are of brocade along with tissue or cotton as materials. However, the new trend of plain velvet turban styles for grooms is growing. This Blue Velvet is another choice that can be added to a Gold or a Royal Sherwani. The velvet turban style splurges on money but can be the greatest asset if handled correctly.

4) The Royal Style Turban

Turbans for Indian Grooms

The Royal Style Turbans come in different styles and materials. The prominent among these are the Mughal Style and the Peshwa Style. These turban styles for grooms became a big hit after the release of the film “Jodhaa Akbar” and “Bajirao Mastani” respectively. The Mughal Style Turban is a simple head wrap which is then adorned with an ornamental strap to complete the look. Both these looks add a touch of ethnic royalty and tradition to the groom on his big day. This is also one of the most traditional turbans for Indian Grooms.

5) The Tissue Turban

Turbans for Indian Grooms

This is yet another Turban for Indian Groom which is based on the material of the turban. The peculiarity of this tissue style turban is that it is lightweight and super comfy. This means that the groom can use this turban style to spot a modern look which does not compromise on the traditional significance of the turban. This turban for Indian groom is also perfect for the modern sherwanis.

6) The Heritage Turban

Turbans for Indian Grooms

The Heritage Style Turban is a celebration of various heritages-the Rajasthani, Jodhpuri, Mughal and Rajput Styles. This is one of the perfect Turbans for Indian Grooms as it combines the art and splendour of the various traditions on a single turban. This turban style comes in different materials and can be embellished with the ornamental brooch.

7) The South Indian Turban

Even though named South Indian Turban Style, these Turbans for Indian grooms borrows heavily from the Maharashtrian wedding culture. This turban style marks an outline of flowers and is sometimes draped with ornamental kalgi that flows over the front of the turban. This matches with the brides ‘traditional attire where she also wears the head gear of flowers.

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 8) The Floral Style TurbanTurbans for Indian Grooms

The floral trend is conquering every part of the fashion world. There are also floral prints available as Turbans for Indian grooms. These floral style turbans for grooms add a touch of modernity without losing the traditional value of the turban. They come in different materials and is definitely a worthy choice for the modern Indian groom.

9) The Banarasi Turban

Turbans for Indian Grooms

The Banarasi turban is known for its rich material that is the Banarasi Silk. It is also used in a different way- that is one side of the turban is layered and the other side has many twists giving the groom a perfect composure and balance. It comes in different colours and the golden weaved images on the turban add a sense of tradition and elegance.

10) The Mewari Turban

Tiurbans for Indian Grooms

The Mewari turbans for Indian Groom are unique on its own as it does not have a kalgi or a tail. Even the materials need not be any special. But, this style accessorises the turban in a very modest fashion. It is most suitable for tall grooms as the twistings used are very thin layered.

Traditional or modern, Plain or Hybrid, Velvet or Tissue- there are various trendy turbans for Indian grooms that are available today. But, always choose something which complements your entire garment. Let us know in the comment section which one is your favourite turban style!