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Best photographers to chase this wedding season!!


Planning to get married? Weddings in India have become more grand and lavish and grown above these canonical  rituals.  Memories that are made during weddings by you and your relatives  are  something to be cherished for lifetime. If you have already planned to get married  than why not make it aesthetic by hiring some exuberant photographers . Our  purposes are driven by  our passion. Photographers add a  pinch of their  experiences to your wedding. As a result your wedding becomes soulful. Wedding photographers don’t capture  people but emotions, feelings and moments. 

Be it your pre-wedding shoot or your wedding ceremony functions, role of a wedding photographer is decisive. So guys for giving you best wedding moments we have sought out list of some of the finest wedding photographers for your wedding. Have a look!!

1. Editmasters Weddings


Editmaster weddings are  Mumbai based  photographers with a team led by professionals with experience over 35 years . They  have successfully  done  700+ weddings  so far which is quite a number. They excel at  candid, aerial, fashion, documentary  photography and videography. Right from going in a crane  to a remote place they’ll just take a perfect shot. They capture creativity at weddings and put their heart in it. As a result your wedding becomes magical with them around. Weddings are an epitome of love, celebration and wedding photographers make those ssentiments last for eternity . If you want your moments to last for lifelong go book them now.Click on the photograph to check their profile.


Starting price(photo  and video)  – Rs 1,00,000 per day



2. Sonasachdeva  Photography


Sona Sachdeva photography is one of the most exquisite wedding photographers in Delhi. She makes your weddings implausibly ideal or romantic . You’ll be under the impression as if your wedding is a folktale featuring fairies.  Her magical creations are effectively conveying , innovative and artistic and are sure to leave you mesmerized. She has a thing for capturing those tiny, minute rituals and happy moments which are generally ignored but are give real life to weddings  . With her photography  she always leaves her clients go inflatuated with her brilliant creativity. They  expertise  in both candid and traditional photography, her professional services are the best choice one would want for their wedding ceremony.

Starting price(photo  and video)  – Rs 1,00,000 per day


3. Picture Destination



If you are tired of finding a perfect and flawless venue and destination for your pre-wedding and post wedding shoot then we have got   your  one stop solution for you , that is Picture Destination . They have got exclusive venues to capture your priceless moments.  These people pander to all your photography needs.Unlike others they enhance the beauty of the photographs by providing exceptionally pleasing venues. Don’t ponder much , contact them for the perfect venue.


4. Littlebig Weddings 



Littlebig wedding photographers are your answer to all your photo and film needs. They  love weddings; the felicity in the air, the celebration of life & togetherness , the sacrament taking place and capture those trivial moments and make them grand. AND ofcourse as per them  the love for  free food is their driving force. Little Big Weddings as their name suggests capture little hearty moments in the big weddings.  It is a team of young and passionate photographers and film makers who bring in that extra element of fun to every wedding.  As per them  weddings are a BIG deal and that every moment in this journey of togetherness and in the union of two or more families is special.  People in this journey share joys and sorrows which is worth capturing. If you want to remember your wedding vows for lifetime and relive them, littlebig wedding photographers is your answer.

Starting price(photo  and video)  – Rs 1,80,000 per day



5. Candidshutters



Candid shutters and its team   believe that a wedding is a life long affair not only of  the people  getting married  but their souls. Its an overwhelming and aesthetic  feeling and these wedding photographers make it extravagant. The team is good at at artistic wedding photography, wedding cinematography and photo books and albums. If you want your wedding moments to be full of life, admiration and emotions  then go book these photographers now.

Starting price – Rs 65,000



6. Wedding Velvet


Wedding velvet established in 2011 has  become one of the Best Candid Wedding  Photographer in less than 5 Years, with specialization in Cinematic Wedding Films and Candid Photography across the world . They specializes in luxurious Wedding Photography, destination weddings and wedding films with an artistic & personal touch. You are sure to go flawed over their photographs because they capture the true essence and magical moments that make up a true wedding. What are you waiting for ? If you want to make your wedding the best ever connect with them.

Starting price – Rs 75,000



7. Confetti Films


Romance! Camera! Action!

Hey if you want  to treasure your wedding memories and cherish them forever. Then go and knock the door of these exceptionally pleasing wedding photographers. They weave a story shot by shot, moment by moment and present a film that reflects love in its most purest and innocent form. Their team  performs Pre-Wedding Shoots, Candid Photography  distinctively and add life to your photographs. These are best known for artistically capturing rare feelings and emotions as they are generally being missed in the hustle bustle of the wedding. Do catch them for capturing your aesthetic moments.

Starting price – Rs 1,00,000