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Wedding Hairdos With Different Hair Lengths

It is always a turmoil for people to do a hairstyle while getting ready for a wedding. It’s even more confusing yet exciting when its a wedding of a close one, maybe a best friend, sibling or one’s own child. Most of us rely on the professionals for a cliched hair updo, while some just leave ’em open without any styling. Now almost everyone scrolls through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest for all our preps and ideas but when it actually comes to using them, it tends to slip our mind very easily. What we need is some easy, DIY hacks to turn a boring hair into a pro level hairdo. We are going to list some of the best and all-timer wedding hairdos, and not just Bridal, for different lengths of hair.

Here you go:

For short hair

Slight waves

This hairdo will work for you in every function of the wedding, be it sangeet, mehendi, day time haldi, hen’s party, wedding day or the reception party. Its easy, quick and super comfy for short hair hairstyle.


Curls At The Brim

This might not suit all face types, but since you have a short hair then it probably suits your face already. Its classy and chic. Just curl your hair moderately on the sides and at the ends of the hair at the back.

Wedding Hairdos With Different Hair Lengths

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Side Part Pulled Back

Choose an iconic headpiece to wear and you are good to go.

Half up, Half down

It can be cute or sexy depending on the kind of variety you can experiment with this one.

For Medium Hair

Simple Side Pull

It is the quickest hairdo one can pull on the spot. Just roll back a thick strand and pin it.

Middle Parted Pony Tail

Part your hair from the middle, add a slight puff (almost negligible) and tie a pony not very high. It looks sophisticated with the right pair of heavy earrings.

Side Buns

This may take a little bit of your time for girls who have a silky and straight hair. Hairspray will be your new best friend for sassy hairstyles.

Sleek Half Up

This is as elegant as it can get. One of the most common hairdos and still very much in. Just take thin strands of your hair from each side and pin it behind.

Fishtail Braid

For those who don’t know how braid fishtail pony can check out YouTube videos, although its fairly easy so don’t get all panicky cause it sure ‘looks’ tricky. Its a messy hairdo but goes amazing with Indian suits and anarkalis.

For Long Hair

Classic Hair Bun with Gajra

Well, you cannot go wrong with this one if you are a special/family member in the whole wedding. Its authentic and plush. Yes, you might need an expert for this one.

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Long and Smooth Loose Curls

For people who have a voluminous hair, this is perfect for you. Some people use extensions to increase the length/volume of their hair and they can style it too. Add a floral garland to the hair to make it more beautiful.

Simple Middle Parting

Loosen your hair from the front, take strands of hair from each side and tie it back. It is a simple hack and will go with all types of clothing, especially a Saree though.

Fishtail Braid

This braiding works wonders for people who have long hair regardless their hair type. It looks amazing on every hair whether its straight, wavy, or curly.

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Simple Pony (straight or messy)

You can always add a little puff when doing the ponytail style. It is a very convenient hairstyle that works well with mostly all hair types except heavy curls.

P.S. Long hairs can try all the short hair hairstyles as well. Its just the matter of choices.

Do not limit yourself to one particular hairstyles. Keep trying new things and you never know what look you can slay in.