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Being a bride is one of the happiest feelings in the world. It’s difficult to recall since when we automatically start planning for our big day. Everyone starts planning even when they have no immediate wedding plans on the cards. And when the day is finally decided, there are butterflies in the stomach. The official planning starts with full swing then! What to wear, what accessories to carry, all of it becomes an important decision while planning your bridal look. To help you during this exciting period of your life, we have created a list of Bridal accessories that will enhance your look on your wedding day:

Bridal Accessories Jhoomar

Bridal Accessories

Also called “passa” at some places; it is a piece of jewelry to be adorned on the side of your forehead. It comes from the Arabic culture and now preferred by many brides irrespective of the culture/religion they belong to. It adds beauty to your side look and an awe-inspiring appearance overall!

Matha Patti

Bridal Accessories

Just have a look at the jewelry and you will know why you need it to enhance your look on your wedding day. A traditional piece of jewelry in many parts of India, it is now adorned by brides all over to look beautiful on their wedding day. You can find an array of designs to choose from. There are some which are very simple with just a few gemstones or effortless chain ones as well if you want to carry the minimalistic bride look. There are heavy ones too, which shines like a tiara on your head. For, you will always be a queen of your kingdom!

Haath-Phool Bridal Accessories 

Bridal Accessories

Enhance your look by making your hands look beautiful on the big day. Bridal Accessories apart from henna and bangles, this jewelry which consists of a bracelet and ring(s) connected with the embellished chain, can add a gorgeous look to your hands. Your hands attract many looks on your wedding day. Therefore, they must look as gorgeous as your pretty face!

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Anklets Bridal Accessories

Bridal Accessories

You might ignore them for they are supposed to be hidden under your wedding dress. But along with other accessories, you must choose splendid anklets as well. Whenever you walk, you should give a glimpse of beauty from head to toe. It will also help you get some great wedding pictures to cherish for your lifetime. You can choose from silver, gold and gemstone anklets. For the typical authentic bridal look, ‘kundan’ anklets are most popular these days and you will get a wide variety of them to choose from!

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Bridal Accessories

No, we aren’t talking about the venue decorations. You can use flowers to enhance your look as well when you become a bride. Flowers had been used to adorn women since a long period of time. And now, it has again become the latest fashion trend. Be it celebrity or any other bride (for every bride is a celebrity for the day!), everyone is going for flower embellishments. You can keep it light but surely some flowers will make your day more magical!

Clutches- You doesn’t need to carry everything that day, so a small clutch will suffice for keeping the essentials. Don’t go for handbags as they take up too much of the limelight than required. There are pretty bridal clutches available these days. Box clutches are totally in. Choose an embellished one matching with your wedding dress and other accessories. Another advice, choose similar themes. For example, if your wedding dress has pearl embroidery on it, choose a clutch with pearls studded/ embroidered on it.

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Hair accessories

Bridal Accessories

Your hairdo does a lot to your overall bridal look. Make sure to use some gorgeous hair accessories. Take special interest in choosing your hair accessories when you are not covering your head for your wedding day. Your hairstyle and accessories will matter much more then. The pins that help in holding the hairstyle should be the same shade of your hair so that it doesn’t show up unnecessarily. Even if you are going the conventional way and covering your head, you can use beautiful accessories that peek from your head cover as most of them are made up of very light fabric.

So, keep this list handy while you ponder over how to enhance your look and be the best of brides in the history of ever!

Good luck, gorgeous!



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