Brides of India-Attire a bride wears on this day is connected to traditions

The wedding is a festive affair in the context of India and mostly a one-time business, the day embarks the beginning of a new journey of life for the bride as well as the groom.

A bride anywhere in the world signals joy. However, in India particularly she is welcomed as Saubhagyavati: “The fortunate one”, the harbinger of auspiciousness into the home. They manoeuvre the day by doing a lot of homework on their dress,makeup,jewellery and other countless stuffs ,in order to live the day

Attire a bride wears on this day is deeply connected with the family’s customs and traditions, accessories and jewellery bride wear has a significance and meaning associated with it.


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Lots of work goes behind the grandeur of wedding costumes and to know the significant of different wedding costumes one must have a deep knowledge about the local culture.

Maharastriyan Bride

Maharashtrian Bride

Traditional costume of bride in Maharastra is a 9-yard long saree, called Nauvari.This saree bears a resemblance to the male trousers. The bright patahani sarees are very popular as wedding costumes.





Muslim Bride

malabari muslim brideBrides traditionally wear a yellow formal outfit, and applies wet Mehandi on her hands.Muslim Bridelt’s customary for a bride to be escorted to stage under a yellow dupatta makeup and jewellery is generally avoided and kept simple.





Catholic Bride

catholic bride Brides dress up in a simple white dress with a veil and hair pulled back into a great stylish and simple chignon, looking gorgeous with a blend of classiness and simplicity.







Punjabi Brides

punjabi brideIn Punjabi culture wedding is a lavish ceremony and brides prefer the use of heavy jewellery and expensive dresses, basically preferred are phulkari bridal dresses,are in huge craze in Punjabi weddings.






Bengali Bride

bengali bride A Bengali bride usually wears a pink, red or maroon saree.Bengali bride’s traditional wedding saree is white in color with a red, pink or maroon border. Traditional Bengali sarees come with amazing bridal motifs which give a very ethereal look to these majestic sarees.






Rajasthani Bride

rajasthani bride  The odhni is an integral part of rajasthani women’s attire,Though usually teamed up with ghagra choli and  lehngas, it is worn over saree in special ceremonial occasions. Odhni stands as a mark of respect and conformity.






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