a handy Bucket list of things to do before you tie the knot

Pre-wedding jitters

Months before she tied the knot, one of my varsity friends went  on a solo trip, backpacking through Columbia, the home of her favorite author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The trip was right on top of her ‘bucket list of things to do before you tie the knot’!

And she had a whale of a time at it. It got me thinking about my own bucket list of things I would wish to do before settling down.  Like me every girl (or guy) should create and jot down a list of things to do before they get married. So that they can start a new life without regrets.

Bucket List of Things

Here is a handy list of real-life goals you can set, and achieve before you settle down with the One!


Yes, the oldest goal in the book is every bit worth it! Get out, place yourself in an unfamiliar environment. It should preferably be a place with a rich language and culture, different from your own.

You will come away with memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Bucket list of things to do before you tie the knot

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2)For the Thrill of it

Try an adventure sport like skydiving or scuba diving(only under the supervision of trained professionals). Now is the time to realize your dream of living at the edge! Adventure sports give you an exhilarating sense of liberation that nothing else can provide.

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3) Yoga

Yoga is not just a passing fad. It is a holistic approach to healthy living. Practising yoga is a great habit to acquire before getting married, as it will give you a sharper mind along with a fitter body. It should definitely be on your bucket list of things to do before you tie the knot.

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4)Attend a Concert/Literary Fest/Game

According to what suits your taste, you should definitely attend a pop concert or literary festival or a game while you are still single.


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5)Acquire a Skill

It is always a great idea to broaden your horizons, no matter what your age is. Learn a new language, master pottery, start sketching (or doodling), ride bikes, get a fricking tattoo! Do something new.


6)Read More

Reading is a great mental stimulation and stress-busting exercise. It improves focus and builds up concentration levels. Do yourself a favor and go complete that reading list from two summers ago that keeps getting shelved.


7) Take More Pictures

Life is all about creating memories to cherish. Click your pet kitty, your new pair of sneakers or indulge in some food porn! Take a lot of pictures to smile at, on a rainy day.Clicking Pics

8)Overcome Your Fear

If there is one thing you must do before you start a new life, it is to get rid of your fears.


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9) Treat Yourself

Gift yourself a luxurious spa session (or two), splurge on a branded bag or a pair of heels. You need to love yourself before you can love anyone else.


10) Help Someone in Need

Altruism is humanity. Lending a helping hand benefits the giver as much as the needy person. Today, do your bit to make the world a better place.

Bucket list of things to do before you tie the knot

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11) Binge on Netflix

Binge watching all ten seasons of your favorite show, preferably, with your bestie or a pack of chips, is a legit comfy cool way to spend a Sunday!

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12) Buy Stocks

Even if you are marrying straight out of college, and haven’t saved up much, it is still imperative that you invest in your future Before you commit to a relationship. Financial security is a non-negotiable life goal if you wish to have a satisfying life.


13) Reconnect With Old Friends

Along the way from school to college to jobs, many a time we lose touch with our friends, with whom we used to be thick as thieves once upon a time. Take some time and track your old school and college friends and bond with them again. You will have more friendly faces around you on your big day as an added benefit. You know what they say, the more the merrier!


You can follow our list or make your own bucket list of things to do before you tie! Before the shackles of matrimony tie you down, get out and live it up!