The most expensive and challenging buy of your wedding is, without a doubt, the wedding lehenga. Amongst all the choices that you have to make regarding your attire, a major one is whether you are going to buy or rent the lehenga. Renting a lehenga has become increasingly popular because of several practical considerations. By renting you may be able to afford a designer lehenga but are you okay with not keeping your lehenga? This is just one of the many questions that run through your mind while you try to make a decision. Here, we will try and help you solve your dilemma and make an informed choice. 

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The very first step is to have a rough budget in mind. Once you have a budget in mind, you can go and scout for lehengas in the market. Then depending on whether you can afford the type of lehenga that you like, you can decide whether to purchase or rent. 

Another factor is your budget allocation priorities. If you have something else, like the venue or honeymoon where you want to spend a lot of money, then you can use the money you saved by renting a lehenga there. 


Designer Lehenga

Wearing a lehenga designed by Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi is every bride’s dream. But their bridal lehengas usually cost a few lakhs and may not fit into your budget. The same design can be rented at a fraction of that cost. So, if it has been your dream to wear a particular designer’s work, then renting is a great idea.

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A Practical Decision

Let’s face it, and chances are that you are not going to wear the lehenga again. The only time you see it is when you want to let it see some sunlight. Unless you are sure that you will restyle and reuse the lehenga, then renting makes practical sense. Even if you restyle it, you may wear it just once or twice again. So, these need to be kept in mind while making a decision.  

Do you want to keep it?

The saddest part of renting a lehenga is that you need to return it, you only get to keep the pictures. You will not be able to store it as a keepsake or reuse it or pass it down to future generations. If you are sentimental about wanting to keep your lehenga as a memento of your big day, then renting will not work. 

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Getting The Latest Designs

You may not get the latest and in season designs if you are going for renting as the rental companies have a considerable delay in updating their designs. Another issue is fitting, the fit may not be perfect, and you may not be allowed to make alterations. This is an important consideration, as close to the wedding, you are bound to lose or gain weight. 

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Aftercare Considerations

Taking care of a lehenga as heavy and intricately worked as your bridal one is no easy task. Based on their material and the type of embroidery, the care which they require varies. They need to be placed in proper boxes encased with muslin or paper. They also need to be aired regularly and exposed to sunlight. With a rented lehenga, the only thing that you need to ensure is that you don’t spill anything. Everything else is the renting company’s headache.

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We hope that the article helped address most of your concerns. Buying or renting, invest in a lehenga which you are satisfied with, something which speaks to you and you feel is right for you.