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With the never-ending to-do list that comes with being a bride, it doesn’t just end at selecting a venue or even a bridal dress. It goes on to the smallest of details. Choosing a makeup look is quite a daunting task when there are so many flawless looks all over the world. With this article, we aim to help you choose one of the looks that would be most suitable for the overall look you are going for- along with your bridal gown.

The preparation for this starts weeks before the wedding. The bride needs to have a spa day, use face masks, get massages, and go to the salon, visit nail salons and more, just to prepare herself for the D- Day.

For applying makeup efficiently and to have it last on your skin, you need to look after your skin. Brides should have a skincare routine to have flawless makeup overall. The skincare routine must include:

-Face Wash/ Cleanser


– Sunscreen




-Face Powder

-Lip Balm or Chapstick for your lip care

Usually, before the weddings, brides already have a giddy and excited flush on their faces that works like magic! Out of all, these are lists some of the classic looks that brides can opt for:

  • Natural Makeup Looks

This is where you apply minimal makeup or the kind of makeup that looks extremely natural over your face. It makes your face glow and lifts it up. This look shows brighter eyes and flushed cheeks. Overall, it requires a bit of effort to make it look like minimal makeup is applied. This is perfect for brides who prefer a small and cozy wedding with just close ones & family.

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  • Heavy Makeup Looks

During weddings, most brides have makeup artists that work on their faces giving them a flawless look. The wedding days are supremely emotional; therefore, the artists prefer a heavy makeup look since that will hold on through the nerve wreaking day. On the other hand, some brides prefer to do their own makeup and often opt for a look that will last throughout the day.

Strong and subtle colors are used for this makeup look, as the main statement this look puts out is- classy. All sorts of concealers, foundations, primers, eyeliners, blush, and eyeshadows are put to work to curate a beautiful bridal look. This kind of makeup enhances the glamorous and shimmery bold look brides usually go for.

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  • Indian Bridal Makeup Look

Indian brides have a lot more than makeup to worry about. Indians are known to have various ceremonies before the wedding that need as much attention as the wedding does. Indian Bridal makeup is extremely time-consuming and intensive.

A few days before the wedding, there is a “Mehendi and Sangeet” ceremony where the bride and her family celebrate the day dancing and singing, enjoying their hearts out. This is also the day the bride and the women in her family apply “henna” or what they call it “Mehendi” on their hands.

Soon after, a “Haldi” ceremony is followed. Here, the bride is covered with Haldi and the entire family takes turns to cover her with it. This is so that she glows on the auspicious day- her wedding. Finally, on the wedding day, her face is glowing, ready for all the makeup looks.


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Indian weddings are usually grand; the bride flaunts all the gorgeous jewelry and exquisite outfits- sarees, lehengas and more! This look is the most dressy and royal look that the brides aim for. Weddings are an extremely special day for the bride as well as the groom. Therefore, looking exceptional is mandatory.