Coming Of The Potli Bags- B-Town Celebs Who Carried Them In Style!

Potli Bags have made a comeback and how! Remember when you were forced to fit your purse into a tiny clutch when you were attending a wedding? Well, that’s about to change cause the “good space” potli has taken over the quite congested clutch!

Lately, the Bollywood fraternity has been obsessed with it. Yes, they are the same bags you’ve seen your mother tote along with her traditional wear for occasions. But this time, they’ve got a modern upgrade to become the trendsetter of the year for every Bollywood celebrity this season.


With amazing colors, styles and fabrics, Potli bags are a hot favorite of B-Town celebs who carried them in style. Take a look.

Matching The Outfit




We love how these celebs (actually, their stylists) have gone the extra mile to match the color of the potli bag with their outfit. 



And we can’t deny but love it even more when these celebs do some mismatch with their outfit and potli bags. It looks super elegant when they wear a particular color and carry a contrast color potli bag. It makes the bag stand out. You really don’t need much accessory when you have a contrast color potli bag in one hand. 

The Versatile Cream Potli

Cream, off-white and white color potlis with a nice mirror work on them are must have accessory in your closet. These colors are the most versatile and if you don’t understand or don’t have matching potli bag with your outfit, then these will come to your rescue. We love how these celebs have carried them in style.

All Time Favorite Golden Potli

Yet another versatile and favorite color for potli bags has to be the golden with intricate mirror work or else a lot of bling going on it. This one is especially for those who want a little bit EXTRA to their outfit!

Be it gota, zardosi, embroidery, pearls, sequins, crystals, mirror work potlis have gained popularity over a few months. We love it how these potli bags have taken over the clutch because not only are they cheaper but also all you ladies can keep your stuffs inside it and don’t ask your male friends to keep them in their pocket. 

Looking at how these celebs are carrying them, all you beautiful ladies are drooling over them, right? We definitely love this coming of the potli bags and their obsession with B-town celebs!