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If you are looking for a way to break away the usual colour palettes then try going the neon way. Neon signages and neon decorations are being easily favoured by the modern couple. They are very easily customisable and can be moulded to fit any aesthetic. Neon can be incorporated as anything from signages to props to a photobooth. We are absolutely in love with how colourful and fun it looks. It is surely eye-catching and looks great in photos. 

neon cake and flowers on table


Neon Signages

Neon signs seem to be the most common form of neon decoration probably because of the ease with which they can be incorporated. You can have just your initials or a fun announcement.





You can have a sign with a small message, arrange a couch or footstool underneath and click some amazing pictures with your partner. 

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You can ditch the usual the standard entrance signs and go for a neon one for an instant glow-up. This is a great way to make a lasting first impression amongst your guests.

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Neon Invite Cards

Set a bright and cheery tone for your wedding from the get-go opting for invites in bright colours such as sunshine yellow and neon green.

neon yellow invitations with pink accents


Or you can have a normal invite but have a multicoloured neon envelope such as this.

neon wedding multi-hued metallic invitations


One more way to introduce neons is by opting for a neon acrylic seating chart or by using them in menus. Definitely gives off a strong contemporary vibe.

neon pink seat yourself sign


Neon Photobooth

LED signage in bright colours such as these really stands out against a green background. They make for gorgeous pictures and your guests will gaga over them. By choosing a bright colour such as this, you can use it both for day and night events. 


You can go one step further and have an interactive neon photo display. Here, the mirror can be used to display a photo montage of the couple. It can also be used to type in messages and well wishes to the couple which gets stored in a database and can be viewed by the couple at a later date. The mirror can also be used by the guests to capture photos of themselves. 

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Pop Art

Installations such are these are great for a bachelor/ bachelorette party. If you want to give off a trippy vibe then go ahead with this one. It looks super fun and is a great way to introduce neon to your wedding celebrations. 


A Glowstick Farewell

Glowsticks are an instant party level-up and make the whole event look more fun and sassy. Hand it out to all your guests and have them wave it as you make your way out. They can also wear it as bracelets or necklaces or just about anything else that they fancy. 

Guests wave glowsticks around dancing couple


Go Over The Top

Add a little grunge by going all out and having a large number of neon signs across the entire area. This neon sign display really sets up a different tone for the event. The neon signs coupled with candle lights, roses, anthuriums and palm fronds look completely stunning. This will be a party which will always stay with your friends and family. 

neon wedding signage


Bachelorette Props

Neon props for a popping bachelorette party and for some cool pictures. You can have it as a wall decor or have some neon props. 


You can also have neon strobing lights for the dance floor and get the party started.

cristina andre wedding party


Aren’t you drooling over all those incredible neon designs? Make sure that you have pinned your favourites!