Creative Wedding Decor Elements You Must Have For Your Function

Creative Wedding Decor

The decor is an essential element for any wedding. A single flower vase can have a surprisingly significant impact on the wedding decoration. But using flowers as wedding decor? Pretty mainstream, isn’t it? How about something out of the box? Something that pops and catches the eye of the gathering? Here’s how you can add color and glam to your wedding decoration!

Creative Wedding Decor

6 Creative Wedding Decor Elements You Must Have for Your Function

Bring an artistic vibe to your wedding by using these creative wedding decor elements  –

1) Themed Photobooth

Photobooths are the latest trending decor element for any function. Put up a wedding-themed kiosk and watch it bring life to your wedding scene! You can even add fun props to pose with and have Polaroid photos of your guests be clicked. Photobooths are also a terrific way to capture your wedding memories. If u wish to go the extra mile, you can also add fun themes to the photo booth such as retro, Bollywood, starry-night, etc.

Creative Wedding Decor


2) Light-it Up With Candles

If you are having an indoor wedding or a wedding in the evening hours, then candles are the perfect way to add that innovative detail to the decor. Gone are the days when weddings were brightly lit with ceiling lights. It’s time to change the conventional wedding decor. Go all out with candles of all sizes to make it a cozy, welcoming function. You can even add scented candles to give an aromatic edge. Along with candles, table lamps or floor lamps will also add a creative element.

Creative Wedding Decor


3) Fabric Magic

Who said dupattas are only meant to be worn as clothing? They can also be made into wedding decor! Bright, colorful dupattas, tied in exquisite patterns are just the kind of magic you would want at your wedding function. Dupattas of different lengths, colors, texture, and patterns, can give a gorgeous twist to your wedding decoration. Drape the ceilings and pathways with dupattas to give it a festive vibe and to bring the wedding decoration together.

Creative Wedding Decor

4) The Photo Charm

Add a distinctive touch to your wedding decor by hanging string photos at your wedding venue. This gives the gathering a glimpse into your good times with family and friends. Another fun idea would be to use all the clicks from the themed photobooth to make on-spot photo strings and have them use that as wedding decor. Photo strings also a wonderful way to show off clicks from pre-wedding shoots of the bride and groom.

Creative Wedding Decir


5) A Vintage Touch

A touch of vintage could be in any form. The chairs and tables used at the wedding venue, the backdrop of the stage, the lights and other ceiling hangings, in fact, the venue itself can have a vintage touch to it. Go with dark-colored metals or wooden for the furniture, this will add a rustic look to it. Photo-frames, decorated bird-cages, a wooden canopy at the entrance, decorated wooden crates, are a few things you can use to get the desired vintage look!

Creative Wedding Decor

Creative Wedding Decor

Creative Wedding Decor

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6) String Lights

And lastly, string lights; probably the cheapest and the quickest way to add a creative element to your wedding decor. Fairy lights are a must if you wish to turn your wedding function into paradise. If you are having an indoor wedding or a late-night wedding, fairy lights are your best choice!  Candles and string lights are just the perfect combination to achieve the cozy and warm look to your wedding function! You can get as innovative with fairy lights as possible, there is no need to hold back!

Creative Wedding Decor

These 6 creative wedding decor elements are sure to give you a dreamy, magical wedding; one which is sure to leave you feeling ecstatic! You can now avoid hiring expensive wedding planners and get straight to work with these innovative ideas!